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  1. I don't have the skill to mod (edit existing mods sure but not create) But I thought of a idea for a mod based around the colony achievements. So far ive found these pretty useless so i thought to myself of a way to make them useful, like spawning in a bonus for achieving them. But then i had this idea (Since i use debug alot) what about a mod that gave you "God" powers or points you could use on powers that you could choose to use in different ways, like teleporting the dupe somewhere (for when there idiots and dig themselves into a hole) or make a resource that's desperately needed. Things like that If anyone wants to make awesome, if its impossible thats ok too. Just was a idea i wanted to throw out there before i forgot it.
  2. Steel Door issue (Thermal Update)

    Can Confirm same thing.
  3. Have not figured out why yet, but every so often my door build order spawns sideways despite ordering it vertical. Happens on all types of doors. Simple fix is to cancle the order, rotate a couple of times and place back down. Definatly not game breaking.