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  1. Thank you truly for the response, i realy apreciate it!. A question, just because I am a idiot, is there a easier way to install in then the way i managed to get it working. I coppied a existing mod folder that steam made, renamed it to a higher number, and added the lines to the mods.json file. Im just curious if theres a eaiser way, no hurry. { "label": { "distribution_platform": 1, "id": "2066302971", "version": 1560163223, "title": "Power Boost" }, "status": 1, "enabled": true, "crash_count": 0 }
  2. I hope that i am not bugging here with this request, but i dont have the skills to do this myself. It has always bugged me that the standard power wire and the conductive one give more range (1kw to 2kw) but standard Heavy to Conductive dont I always run into the problem late game that wires start overloading (around the time i start geting tubes). It just would seem to make sense to have these go to 40kw instead of 20. Hense thats the mod id like to request if anyone can do it. Thanks in advance, and if you cant or theres something that prevents that i understand too.
  3. Can Confirm same thing.
  4. Have not figured out why yet, but every so often my door build order spawns sideways despite ordering it vertical. Happens on all types of doors. Simple fix is to cancle the order, rotate a couple of times and place back down. Definatly not game breaking.