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  1. I have a DST world that I play with one friend, it has custom world settings from the in-game menu and is hosted through the host game button. Everything in the caves are default settings with no customization. There have never been any server mods on this world, although a few client mods which have since been disabled including at the time of this incident. It is currently day 166. After exploring the caves for around an hour or so with my friend, I had to get off as my brother had internet issues while doing homework. We disconnected near a fire, bats, and under the light of a green mushtree. I had experience a game crash once before due to a mod not being compatible with lanterns at 0%. It did not happen anytime near this incident and I have not used mods on this world since. Any help would be appreciated, I have heard from the only other user I could find with this issue that he/she had disabled their mods, verified their game cache, and having another player host the world. I have not tried these. I've restarted my game, restarted my game + steam, restarted my computer, and restarted the internet. Clearly seems to be something with the world itself and not my hardware.