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  1. Eternal Beaver

    If Woodie is hit the moment he would turn back from beaver to himself an passes out. the beaver will not pass out and the form will remain regardless of the wood counter being 0. This effect will last until reloading the file. But In this case, woodies stats meaning health, sanity, and hunger are set back to their full value rather than having a malus from the transformation.
  2. Invisible Turf

    Deciduous Turf is invisible when first harvested from the ground. it only appears in SW combined with Hamlet. So probably the texture is conflicting with some of the new turf textures.
  3. Willows lighter will no longer cast any light after she enters or leaves any door - Pig facilities or ruins or enter another room inside a ruin. This is not only a graphical bug (see below) she also claims that she is vulnerable to darkness. The bu vanishes after unequip and reequip the lighter. This bug does only affect her lighter and not torches. (haven't tried other light sources jet.)