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  1. Greetings, guys, i'm back again..and, with my new work: Deerclops, giant of winter! Defeating Deerclops with my friend for the first time was such a delight for me, and encourages me learn more about DST. I really love my last drawing, but, i think it lacks something impacting, something awesome, something balabala...i just think it is not coool enough. When i sketched my last drawing, a new draft just appeared in my head, which i completed just now. When it comes to something cool, the coolest character in my opinion is Wigfrid, no doubt. Because for all time and in every version, she's been simple and strong. As you know, in other games, when something is always simple and strong, it will always be nerfed in every miserable way... (oops i dont mean klei should nerf anything..) Moreover, a mount should given to our greatest heroine, but i confess Wigfrid hunting with war Beeflo is unnecessary and unpractical... Did i say i am poor in coloring? i hope this time i didnt spoil this drawing, the sketch part is good enough... Here i gave a small-sized version and a sketch version. Desktop size is not suitable for this work.
  2. Nothing's more delightful than a new warrrrmy spring! Nothing's more troublesome than eeendless rain and new Moooose spawn near your base! I am an old DST player, always have fun 'meeting' our seasonal giant friends! As weather is getting warmer and bright sun smiles almost everyday in my hometown, I just wanna create something, so, I'm sharing my recent work with you here: a picture of mad Goose and two popular character 'having fun' hunting the giant. I only complete the sketch part cause I dont want my awkward coloring skill to ruin my work Here's a original version,a desktop-size(1366*768) version and an inverse color version. Have fun meeting your giant friend!