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  1. Duplicate is dead but still moving

    Can you make video about that, i just want to see that happening
  2. "Slight" Memory Leak

    Same with me. ram goes up even you don't play. Simple pause game and do other things and still the ram goes up, but if you pause with ESC button then no ram issues. I don't get why need multiple topic about same thing.
  3. Water dissapears when flow down

    it also happened when i was trying to get wider one contaminated water reservoir wider. In one square it kinda made like air bubble and all upper water flow in that small square and disappeared like 30t, im not sure if there was 30t but disappeared 3 squares. When reloaded saved game few times tried same thing similar but it worked fine or at least i just didn't notice any water losing.
  4. Shower water usage

    there is no problem with shower, you just think that it intakes more then it need. I know there are some strange things with water but if you create closed circle with half of pips full of water you can go forever. Simple create water purifier and connect them to showers and toilets and you water will stay as it was. Of course first you need to fill pipes with water and the simple destroy that one unneeded pipe. I know that there are problems with water disappearing, but probably the pump is that who makes water disappear because sometimes it seems that it pumps 10kg in pipe even there is no place for 10kg. There are times when happens strange things.
  5. I never had situation like that. My dupes always jumps to nearby places or falls down no matter how far they have to fall.
  6. Water dissapearing

    i had similar problem but with much more water. Something definitely is wrong with water.
  7. Pump destroys 1.06% of Water

    I tried it too got 2x1000kg and 2x721.2kg and leftover 2813.5g. When you got more then you had it also not a good thing. Tested something similar, but with short pipe and valve(5kg) in middle. I had 4x1000kg but in output got 2x1000kg and 2x225.7kg on other side leftover was 38.9g. Then i pumped it all back and got 783.4kg and 783.3kg. That bottle in screenshot dropped from destroyed pipe or liquid vent.
  8. I tried to move water to my pump but it just disappeared. Tried that same thing more then one time after that i tried with bigger hole but it still disappeared. I have done similar things before but nothing like this happened.
  9. Game Freezes Every Few Minutes

    maybe it is ram issue? i kinda don't have ingame problems but when i have ram usage 99% i just cant minimize game and do other things like just go in internet, all just freezes. it don't happen often but it happens. so maybe you can check your ram usage.
  10. Wasted Liquids And Gases

    I tested that valve circle and it stays as it is but dupes are losing water. If dupe need to put water on one algae terrarium 100-130kg he takes 150kg but in reality it is 700kg every time, on newly built terrarium takes 1000kg instead of 200kg and what is with that super computer why it need 25kg water? and again same problem dupe takes 25kg water but in liquid can see that he takes 100kg.
  11. Gameplay Memory Leak

    I have same problem. If i play longer time game uses more ram up to 99% and i have 16GB.