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  1. That's correct. I'm assuming that's metric and that you didn't change it from the options. Anyway I usually get around the same amounts, except where your commas are I think there should be '.'.
  2. On hitting quit, the client was immediately hung up and Windows 7 displayed "The program is no longer responding." Soon after, "The program has crashed."
  3. My Microbe Musher is telling me it needs resources--twice.
  4. If your Bertie decides it's a good time to puke, and that happens to be near a narrow chute to a water source which is near it's ceiling, it has a suction effect. It ends up sucking the water out and over the narrow chute, flooding the area a small bit.
  5. For the life of her, after I had loaded my save, Malory would not use the shower for more than 0.5 seconds in fear of her pervert coworkers. Seriously though, I untasked her jobs and she went into the shower and came out a split second later, and repeated the process every few seconds. Reloading the save fixed this issue.
  6. I saw the drain connected to my contaminated water pipeline had an extra piece of pipe sticking out underneath it. After deconstructing it, the drain now "spurted" when water was supposed to have come out of it, but none did. The drain dropped bottled water when I deconstructed it. [] EDIT - It's supposed to spurt according to what I've now figured out. My water level is dissipating, so I didn't know if that was the problem. This is supposedly not a bug, and just that the water is so little that only droplets come out of the pipe.
  7. I was playing yesterday and subconsciously noted that one of my dupes (Price) was not doing anything. I brushed it off as "He's just getting some air, or maybe this is what happens at 96% stress ;)." 10 minutes later I checked his jobs. They were all unchecked. Maybe I mistakenly hit the "All" check mark and it unchecked all of his jobs, but I believe he was working the day before (Before I had saved). Wanted to report this just in case anyone else notices this. Again, may have been my mistake and it that case sorry for wasting your time.