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  1. No matter if I save manually or if the game automatically saves the game. If I leave the game and return to the game then I loose all resources. I still have the duplicates and the buildings and all of that, but I loose all food, and anything in storage.
  2. Anytime I am playing the game and someone dies I try to go back a day, OR MORE, and the further back the date I pick, the higher the percentage of a chance of crash. I was once or twice able to load "yesterday", but the game crashed every time I picked a day before "yesterday," A.K.A. the previous cycle. It's even crashing my entire computer a portion of the time. The most recent crashed actually locked my computer and I don't even have a password. It's happened on or around day 14, day 30-somethings, and day 40-somethings. When the game crashes a split second of sound loops, and the screen goes black or it freezes on the options menu in game play.