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  1. 7 minutes ago, Vilda said:

    Water does not became polluted now, those two just don't mix. Polluted water emits polluted oxygen but does not loose mass while doing so.

    Won’t argue about clean to polluted conversion never test it directly probably was fooled by visual representation seen when liquids come in contact but on second I don’t agree if you put some small amount of polluted water into the enclosed room with cleen oxygen you will see that amount of p.water decreases with each pocket of p.oxygen it creates.

  2. 12 minutes ago, Vilda said:

    But there is no conversion going on. It spawns it indefinitely and does not lose volume. Slime does and I think that one is affected by the air pressure, seen it inert in high polluted oxygen areas

    As I see it:

    Geyser spawns clean water -> clean water become polluted because of contact with large body of polluted water geyser submerged in -> then polluted water converts its mass to polluted oxygen -> water pressure on geyser tile drops -> back to step one.

    Tried to recreate what’s on your screenshot - you right, its weird