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  1. Try to click on “briar seed” in the resource list and if the game focus on its location and seed exists check for any pathfindg problem between seed location and vase if  game cant show you location then its just UI bug there is no seed.

    17 hours ago, Masterpintsman said:

    I noticed that the display on the top-right tends to display one more seed than you actually have.

    Same here.

  2. Probably pathfinding problem (closed doors, fallen sand, water reservoirs, e.t.c).  Make sure your dupes can reach this storage compactor. If there is no route for your dupes to resource game interface and building menus don’t take them into account.

  3. On 3/10/2017 at 11:54 PM, Wade said:

    Hmm, when you've got cooking ingredients and cooked food products in the same container, they should be eating the cooked food first. Are you seeing this happen with Ration Boxes and Fridges? Or with other containers?

    Sadly, it didn’t work as supposed. I have this problem with both Ration Boxes and Fridges. I don’t know about any other containers eligible for food. I didn’t see duplicants eating ingredients which already stored inside cooking stations, If that’s what you mean.

    13 hours ago, Buzzkil88 said:

    I would assume 2 fridges, one set for loaf and one set for lice, with different priorities, would solve this. Just don't want to waste the power on 2 fridges. 

    It looks like that priority only affect witch container will be used for storage, but not affect which one will be used to take food from. So only workaround I find is to put your fridges in dead-end and use closest to entrance fridge for the end meals and next one for ingredients. But at this point I stop wasting water on food preparation and feed my dupes with raw meal lice so I don’t play a lot with this setup.

  4. On 3/10/2017 at 11:21 PM, Wade said:

    Are you switching to the different overlays to view the wiring\plumbing?

    If you are viewing the wiring\plumbing, you should be able to click and deconstruct part of it.

    There is no problem with deconstruction. Usually I don’t change layer just choosing deconstruction tool and select particular type of plumbing\wires. The problem is that I dont get resources back after successful deconstruction. They are stuck inside tile.

  5. Personally I consider it a bug and reported it before. The problem is that water in pipes stop as soon as you disconnected source node even if it still has a valid path to destination nodes. Workaround is – disable pump first -> let all the water in pipes reach destination -> deconstruct unwanted fragment.

  6. There is problem with pathfinding in\under water in current version. Probably it. Check “show navigation” tool in dupe info pane. It will show which areas they considering accessible. Sometimes you can manually save dupes stuck like this by sanding them with “move to” to the edge of their accessible area and from there they can move on their own.

  7. I think this bug tied to how building internal contents handled. When pump send last bits of its content into a pipe the information about this resource should be completely removed from pump data but instead its just set to zero which leads to appearance of this annoying zero mass bottles during deconstruction. Temporary workaround is save/load before deconstruction

  8. I see 3 empty tiles above ceiling so my guess it happened when the piece of sand fall down on the node when you build the ceiling an entombed it. Later your removed the sand and shower start working again but red notification icon and red tooltip string stuck there forever. It happens to me all the time but its cosmetic ui problem. Most notorious one is one with air vent overepressurised status icon. If pressure reach it maximum value at any given time the icon appears and stay when pressure drops. It don’t even have to be entombed to provoke this bug.