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  1. I had the same error. I downloaded the latest graphics drivers from MSI and installed, still didn't work. They advised me to download and install the latest Audio drivers, which I did and that seems to have fixed the issue. I hope that helps. E
  2. Sorry for the delay, I've been out of town. I downloaded the latest audio drivers from the MSI website and installed them. This looks like it solved the issue. Thank you for the support. E
  3. I cant seem to get the game to run any more. All the text in the menus say Missong Strings. I have a dedicated graphics card in my laptop no other card. My system is a MSI Dominator laptop running Windows 10 64bit, 32 Gig Ram, Intel core 7 with Nvidia 980 graphics card. I have installed the latest drivers and it still wont run. I had it working about a week ago and saved a few games but now it wont run correctly. Please help. Thank you, E