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  1. NO the electric grid isn't under heavy load. The generators aren't functioning properly since the latest update, are you guys slow are just that stupid?
  2. Oh I can post pictures tool. Any picture of the NG prior to the latest patch shows a reserve bar. AN NO THIS IS NOT A PROGRESS BAR! Additional the Battery Threshold wasn't there in the original release, someone added this and broke the generator. Put your generator under heavy power load and see how it reacts, it turns on and off until your batteries are dead, even though you have more than enough gas to the generator! Also if you looked carefully at the original picture, there is a battery on the main branch, but your too super awesome cool to see that eh?
  3. Like me rephrase what you just said, I cant see anything wrong so therefore it must be the player. What a joke of a community How does power have anything to do with the generator not holding any gas does no one notice the green bar is missing from these generators, also I removed the generator and rebuilt them with the same effect. Last I checked if any item receives the wrong input it damages them not blocks the reserve on the object from being filled. This is the issue, the generator wont fill its reserve. The gas generators worked just fine prior to the latest patch, the problem is Klei doesn't give two ****s about its players or quality control.
  4. First image show I have more than enough gas with 18kg + full pipes. second image shows that the gas generator isn't filling up its reserve. FIX! I stand behind my previous statement, if Klei wanted our input they wouldn't have excluded us from the last round of bug fixes. They get the attitude they earned and no more. Additional Klei's quality control is horrible and they need to improve considerable if they want more respect for their customers! This was working just fine prior to patch. I can provide all 182 saves if you want.
  5. With the latest update the natural gas generator wont hold any gas in device, and therefore turn on and off as gas is pumped into it. FIX!!!!! Also please allow players to opt out of game breaking patches until you can verify they don't break things that work just fine before. Thanks!
  6. Why are Dupes so DUMB?

    Explain how poor management has a dupe moving behind a block with no path around it? You shouldn't comment unless you know the situation, you sir only want to be heard, not say something worth hearing! Another Ethug here!!!!
  7. Why are Dupes so DUMB?

    Don't get my wrong, I love this game. But DAMN DOG! this is just OMGWTFBBQ stupid. And I can reproduce it over and over again, it has something to due with the fresh water! Please fix, thank you. Saved game attached. Enjoy. Oh don't mind my OCD build. And the hatch names are Romeo, Juliet, Cisco, Juniper and Bob. See if you cant find them all Eureka Cycle 53.sav
  8. So when you exclude your community from testing your releases, you get stupid **** like this. Whenever you start a new game or continue a saved game, the first time you click to build something, it does not have a priority option, you have to click the item a second time for this menu for the priority option to show up. This would have been pointed out immediately if you had let everyone in alpha test your latest release and not just a select few brown nosers who couldn't find a bug if it was sitting on their face Yes, I'm a bit bitter about this topic! Oh and Ultrawide 34inch 3440 x 1440 was meant for this game, as you can see from above
  9. Why are Dupes so DUMB? This is an image of dupe walking behind a block he just created into an area he could not possible leave, THIS IS ABSOLUELTY F**kin STUPID!!! You program the dupe to do stupid ****, STOP IT! FIX YOUR GAME ALREADY!
  10. Hatch droppings are your best friend, when I start a map, I turn off combat immediately. When a hatch is uncovered it will attack the dupe but after a moment it will forgive the dupe and go along eating anything you give it and poop out coal. From my numbers two or more hatch eating continuously can provide enough coal for two or three generators 24/7. I'm lucky I have over 5 hatch in my base and have positive coal creation even with four coal generators. On Cycle 100 and haven't had to deal with any other power source. The problem with continuous coal power generation will be carbon dioxide build up, but you can use this to cool down your entire base, if you know what your doing.
  11. Why are Dupes so DUMB?

    Actually have more than two choices, and I'm more than happy to uninstall the game and move on, Plenty of other games out there to spend my time on. I've got more than enough enjoyment out of the game and if the developers would rather put there heads up their a** then fix a serious annoyance with their game, than I wish them all the best, because they will need it.
  12. Why are Dupes so DUMB?

    THE AI is absolutely stupid, calling the player stupid is a great way to advertise for this game, DONT WORRY ITS NOT THE ALPHA AI, ITS JUST THE STUPID PLAYER.. You sir are the perfect example of a PEBKAC! Thanks BEERCULES!
  13. Why are Dupes so DUMB?

    This is exactly what the dupes were told do to, they just priorities building vs digging, anyone who plays this game for 4 seconds know this is a fact!
  14. Why are Dupes so DUMB?

    The picture is a perfect example of how unbelievably STUPID these dupes are. The space above the tiles they trap themselves in was a vacuum, why do they walk into a vacuum just to seal themselves off from their oxygen. And yes, I watched these stupid dupes die with pleasure! The biggest issue is that they don't draw their orders / jobs based on the dupes location, instead it must draw from a master queue which makes the dupe not only inefficient but really stupid because they do orders / jobs out of order, hence why they get trapped in stupid places. It's to the point where I have to micro manage every build or dig just to ensure these guys don't kill themselves doing simple task, I believe your intention was for the player to ensure we manage their survival and not their stupidity, Please fix this issues, this is really annoying and makes the game not fun!
  15. Okay, I just had 2 of my 3 starting dupes walk into a block as it was being completed (by one of the 2 I'm referring too) and had their heads stuck in the same block. I usually save my dupes, but since it was only a few seconds into a new round I took joy in watch these DUMB F**kin idiots die. This is one of many random absolutely stupid things dupes do, including closing themselves off in areas where they cant breathe. Why do dupes treat there existence so lightly, do they not have the most basic instincts to keep themselves alive, or do they only eat, sleep, sh*t and follow orders, and not in that order either? Thanks, Beercules!