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  1. They really are but they fu***d up now. It's too much time to wait! AHHHH
  2. If you call it a rework, I am leaving. I can get ten billions better thing from the freaking workshop. And nice mid-april OR EVEN late-april when it's early May. I am done waiting for nothing, seriously guys. You made a roadmap and then didn't say a word about it until Wortox BUT ALSO then you waited for the last moment to tell us it'll come next month, not this one. I personally lost faith in you. "Character refresh every one month." GREAT, OMG FINALLY. But no because it'll be every 2 months or even more. And remember the first content update? It was supposed to come in at least 4 days now with this rework. If it's going to take that much time, I won't expect the second rework until August. I don't even want to think when you're going to finish your DLC. Let me guess... mid-June 2021 BUT REMEMBER THAT DATES MAY CHANGE AND IT MAY BE OCTOBER 2022. This game is literally dying but in an awful agony because instead of starting to do something about your content, you made a lot of it and deleted it instead of adding it to the main game like Gorge or Forge. Skins are the thing that make me cry. I was collecting every single skin just in case you make an update so there will be something that I can come back to and then use them to make me and my base look way better. But sadly I guess it's time to sell them all and move to the next game because there's nothing to wait for. I just woke up and saw this and it made my day even worse than it was going to be... Thank you Klei for the info!
  3. That's good. It was the main reason I turned it off right at the start using a mod I guess. Then they added the option in World Gen I think.
  4. Disease affects Gekkos too! At least I saw a diseased Gekko in caves when the update arrived.
  5. I really want to have 100% Webber. By saying 100%, I mean real 100%. It's cool that it says 100% when you buy the chest because you technically own the whole collection, okay, let it be BUT what about at least 120% when you own all of the Heirlooms for one character, huh? That would look better than it has ever been, more special!