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  1. Hi @FunnyCatFish, Did you manage to find your crash report? If you could post it here people might be able to offer more help... To check your computer specs against the minimum requirements for 'Oxygen Not Included': in Steam go to the 'Help' menu and click 'System Information' from the drop-down menu. This will display all of the specs of your computer. The step-by-step instructions to update your graphics drivers will depend on which version of Windows you have.
  2. Hi @FunnyCatFish I'm having the exact same problem so will follow this thread with interest! Have you checked whether your PC has the minimum requirements for Oxygen Not Included? - Oxygen Not Included Minimum System Requirements Here's how find your game's output_log.txt file (last paragraph) Logs and Useful Information for Bug Report
  3. Thanks @Zillvr I did check Can You Run It before buying, it said my laptop met the requirements but have to admit I was a bit sceptical as it is pretty old! I really don't play a lot of games any more so wasn't sure what my laptop could run so thought I would just give it a try. Shame if I can't get to play Oxygen Not Included as its the first game I've wanted to play in a long time!
  4. I've tried all the suggestions on the troubleshooting guides and the forum but I still can't play the game! The screen just goes white and crashes whenever I try to launch it. I've run Windows Updates, updated my drivers, checked integrity of the game files, reinstalled Visual C++, etc. but no luck! Any help would be much appreciated!