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  1. Are you complaining about wrong math, or just that the display changes from mg to g to kg? Because these are all metric conversions, if you can't do them in your head you may need to return to school.
  2. You seem to misunderstand. I'm well aware that the icon is bugged. The VENT stays overpressurized all the time. Does not exhaust air. Nada. Kaput. Pipes accumulate gas. No gas leaves. I can deconstruct at least back to the valve itself, rebuild and it gas still just reaccumulates in the pipes, 10g at a time. It. Is. Busted.
  3. Second, third and fourthed. If you watch let's plays you'll see it as well.
  4. They're like this whether you have a valve or not, and temperature doesn't change when pumping out 5C air. It's not a visual bug, they simply are not working. I don't know if they're not working because they are overpressurized or whether there's two bugs interacting, but I can say with certainty that something is very wrong with the vent functionality. I can even have air going _into_ a vent and just disappear, again not changing the gas composition or temperature at the output.
  5. Even when they're first built in a new spot they're overpressurized. If you disassemble them and replace them, overpressurized. I cannot keep them running for five minutes without them becoming permanently overpressurized.