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  1. Hi. I am Japanese Language Pack owner and maintain from ONI beta. I have a simple (but big) problem about updating translation that can't find any solution for a long time. That is... whenever I update my translation via ONI Uploader, game client doesn't download latest version. Is there any translation mod creator who has same problem like me? Here is list of files which is in my mod mod_info.yaml pewview.png strings.po I found same problem in Bug Tracker. But no comment was there. Translations don't update automatically EDIT: title changed.
  2. This is hard to explain for me, but I'll try. First, I made strings.po with new line character (CR+LF) and place it OxygenNotIncluded/OxygenNotIncluded_Data/StreamingAssets/Mods. It works fine. Then, I uploaded my mod and subscribe it. Launch ONI and use my mod. So here is problem. See attached pic. Some text are broken. My contributor researched and told me that change new line character (CR+LF) to (LF) it'd work fine. Yeah, changing CR+LF to LF made me happy. It works!! Is strings.po with new line character (LF) undocumented specification or bug? Thanks.
  3. I think these page will help you. [ Plural Forms - PoEdit ] https://poedit.net/trac/wiki/Doc/PluralForms [ Plural Forms - Localization Guide ] http://docs.translatehouse.org/projects/localization-guide/en/latest/l10n/pluralforms.html?id=l10n/pluralforms
  4. hi, I have a question about language pack packaging. Is this same as Invisible, Inc. Language Pack? or not?
  5. I've just complete Japanese translation today. I can't wait for the next update which support CJK characters!! https://github.com/nsk4762jp/OxygenNotIncluded-Japanese
  6. hi there I just start Japanese translation. (progress is still 0%, oh my) https://github.com/nsk4762jp/OxygenNotIncluded-Japanese/