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  1. Instead of going idle and waiting for duplicant to empty it manually one of my Algae terrariums excretes bottled polluted water right on the floor in front of it. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198007546048/screenshot/919174772918938005 The Sneezing Cantaloupe.sav
  2. When you promote dupe for the next job tier (see attached screenshot: I just promoted Nikola from Gofer to Courier and he's already got his new hat at the Job's station) the Consumables menu still says he's a Gofer with food expectation Grisly [-1] which is not correct.
  3. When you pump any gas except Hydrogen into Hydrogen generator, it will destroy it. This glitch can be harnessed to remove CO2 instead of building CO2 scrubbers and Algae terrariums which consume finite resources. Fix this plz.