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  1. @justacpa as someone who just started playing with this stuff, i haven't found a really substantive difference between name and id. they are both used to (uniquely) identify each shard. Nuke's mod uses the id parameter to do the mapping, and if you look in server_log.ini you'll usually see both name and id together whenever a shard is referred to. they're both identifiers for shards. the name is just an identifier. it won't change your world. changes to world come from the worldgenoverride.lua file (and possibly modfiles as well). so you could call an overworld/forest world "Caves" and it would work fine - it would not be a cave world. The name of the directory is important in that it's an argument to the dedicated server command. It's how the server knows where to look for shard parameters. an example is donstarve_dedicated_server_nullrendered -cluster [Cluster name] -shard [name of your directory] so if i just changed my directory name, my server would break because the command to run my shard wouldn't find the folder anymore. but if you change it in all places it's referenced you'll be fine.