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  1. It appears that even non-adjacent hand sanitizers are causing a crash so I'm not really sure what is the cause of the crash now. Maybe multiple hand sanitizers? Maybe it's the material? Anyway here's another vid showing that the game still crashes building the hand sanitizer spaced 1 tile to the right.
  2. Follow up post that indicates the problem might be cause by something else (maybe adjacent hand sanitizers?) since I attempted to place an adjacent hand sanitizer in the position that would have required excavation in the previous video in a place that had a tile foundation and did not require any excavation. Video is included in post.
  3. Game crashes when placing a hand sanitizer that requires excavation. Can place a hand sanitizer that does not require excavation and will not experience a crash. This video clip recorded tonight shows how placing the 1st hand sanitizer causes no crash but the 2nd causes a crash due to requiring excavation. I also moused over the resources requiring excavation in case a specific resource type is causing the crash. Equestria.sav
  4. I noticed something similar in 1 of my games but I did have a gas permeable tile located under the shower. Moving the shower to another location fixed that issue of the dupes not finishing their shower. Do you happen to have a gas permeable tile located below your shower? I'm curious if that might be a possible cause of this issue.
  5. The problem I'm trying to point out (and help confirm the other reports of this issue) is that the hydrogen generator is running even with a pipe filled with oxygen so this issue can hopefully be fixed (the problem being caused by empty pipe). I don't mind if the generator destroys non-hydrogen gas but the risk of doing that vs just venting the non-hydrogen gasses is that a hydrogen generator could do the same job as an air scrubber but for any gas without needing water or producing contaminated water. That's getting into game balance between equipment though and the point of my vid is to provide proof that the hydrogen gen is bugged where it won't function if the pipe is empty but will function with non-hydrogen gas filling the intake pipe as long as the internal tank has some hydrogen.
  6. Here's the vid, youtube may take a bit to get the 1080p processed but the hydrogen generator is shown functioning even when only oxygen is being pumped into the generator:
  7. I did some testing and found that you can force a hydrogen generator to work by filling the pipe with at least oxygen as long as some hydrogen gets pumped in to keep the internal tank full. I will upload a vid showing this working a bit later tonight. Steps to reproduce "temporary fix" for the hydrogen generator: 1. Build a room with a gas pump at the top and a hydrogen generator in the same room. 2. Run gas pipes directly between the gas pump and the hydrogen generator with no filters, valves or vents. 3. Produce hydrogen/oxygen gas mix from the electrolyzers and watch as the hydrogen generator operates with either oxygen or hydrogen in the intake pipe (as long as it has some stored hydrogen in it's internal tank). Other gasses may also work. Potential issues: No idea if the oxygen is destroyed or if the hydrogen generator uses it but it does not appear to be venting the oxygen.