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  1. My computer is a little outdated but i do not think it could be that. When i run ONI it runs decently. A little laggy at times but overall good. It may be though so i will check out my specs. Thanks for the recommendation.
  2. Is this a common thing to have happen? Out of six games i've played in Thermal update 4 have done this.
  3. I am in the Thermal Update and every time i try to start up my game after taking a break i have to go back at least 7 auto saves. If i try to load some of the most recent ones it takes me to the screen to create a crew. It is really frustrating as I lose at least 7 cycles of progress every time i quit. Anyone know a fix? Edit: I can no longer access my colony. Every auto save of it that i have doesn't work. Citadel.sav
  4. Me as well. It is very annoying having the "special" items scattered around my base.