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  1. Dear Persons, I recently was attempting to redistribute the CO2 from one part of my base to another. I found it handy to put my manual airlocks set to open, so the the gas flow would be greater, but to no avail one of my dingledongers set both doors to open, while still inside the airlock. At the time, this didn't seem to be an issue until he froze in place and died of starvation because the door (set open) was being treated like a solid wall. I then had to deconstruct the door in order to fix this problem, however, there was some animation of a black space hole in the previous location of said door, which said the 1x1 tile was a "Manual Airlock Door", but it was just a block of oxygen. Not sure if anyone has had this problem before, but thought I might add it to the list just to be safe. Sorry about not having a screenshot, but this event tilted me because it allowed a puddle of piss to contaminate all my clean water, so I raged immediately after. Thank you for your time and I wish you best of luck with the coding process. ~Sincerely, RedAstronaut