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  1. No automation, we are on day 23, if you have full food automation by then, my hat's off to you, but i don't get that far that fast :D. it says liceloaf is next, it has the ingredients, but no one will make. Everyone is set to down arrow for priorities, except the cook, who is set to ^. the micromusher is set to 9. Even if i set everyone to be able to cook, someone will eventually cook, but then it goes to None after two are cooked. Patch did not help.
  2. I saw this bug in the bug tracker before, but in a previous version, which it had a hotfix version saying it was corrected. My dupes stop cooking after some time ( i have not determined the cause, or amount of time), even after setting micromusher to 9, and my sou chef to ^^, with plenty of power and items to cook. Saving/Loading refresh seems to fix it temporarily sometimes, but it seems to happen a lot. Attached is my saved file, check day 23. With enough resources, building set to 9, sou chef set to ^, she goes and picks plants instead (building priority set to 6, no priority in priorities tab). while this does continue to happen, looking over my saves, it seems to be the epitome of what i am explaining i don't seem to have an outputlog.txt Committee.sav
  3. I've also seen this (eventually) on most games i have attempted, though i'm not sure how to reproduce it intentionally. Sweeping seems to pull some stuff, but it never disappears. Looking at the weight of it, goes down as it's being swept, but it doesn't disappear, and then goes back to the original weight(s).