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  1. Hello, I got the problem yesterday night, and I just managed to correct it : Malwarebytes was actually blocking a connection entry from steam ( so check if you have it or something like this that can block the connection of an application) . I uninstalled it , rebooted the pc then opened the game again. 10 of the 19 mods that showed up as workshop-number updated. I did a little thing to do , I think it was not really usefull but I'll put you the link in the end in case it doesn't work. After uninstalled Malwarebytes and seeing how it worked, I unfollowed the rest of the corrupted mods ( you can see what they are when you click in show info next to the update button in the game) you reboot your pc and then you check if they have dissapeared in the game. If yes, just follow them back and everything will work. I hope it'll help. And here the link if it doesn't work:
  2. UPDATE 2 : Got 2 corrupted mod again. I don't really know what to do now... Update AGAIN ( sorry): I fixed the problem. After I uninstalled malwarebytes, I unfollowed, reboot the computer , followed again the mod then it all worked. IF IT DOESN'T WORK : Do this : I actually did it , but I didn't tried to unfollow / follow after deleting malwarebytes so I don't think it was usefull to me .
  3. Hello , I did the step correctly , I did miss nothing , when at the end I click on OK and it start doing all the files , it opens a window saying that on this file, I do not have the access so I can't change it.
  4. UPDATE: Okay, I remembered that my malware bytes blocked a connection of steam , I uninstalled it , reboot then opened steam and the game then I have 10 of the corrupted mod that got updated. Now I have only 9 who stays the same.
  5. Hello , I have now the same problem. I have like 19 mods in this state and it is very problematic, I tried to unfollow and follow all the mod of a friend but most of them get recognized by the game and the others stay in their states of workshop-number I am still searching an answer with my friend for this but I'll be very happy if someone here find it