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  1. I've just wanted to report this issue. It's crazy. If there is a big pool of clean water, they deliver it to it's destination as it should be - by large amounts. But if there is a small puddle of water, containing less water than dupe can carry at a time, they begin to peck it by small 1000 gram pieces and it's kinda frustrating.I've got 4 dupes died of starvation because they just couldn't fill the musher with water. What's the most frustrating is that they completely ignored a big pool of clean water situated a bit further and kept pecking this puddle dying one by one just because it was closer to them. How outrageous! UPD.: And there is one more issue, linked to this one: when I tell my dupes to mop the puddle so they could just forget about it and get the water from somewhere else, they mop it, it disappears, but dupes keep picking up water from dried tiles, like it's still there!
  2. I'm using old CRT 1280x1024 monitor (yes, we still exist) and when I open "Consumables" window, that's what I get: Switching to 1280x800 and playing in letterbox fixes this problem, but not completely: 1280x720 reveals a bit more of the table, but it is still parially hidden: I don't know if it's because of my decent monitor or is it some sort of scaling issue, but I'd like to see it fixed in future releases. For example, you could make a horisontal slider at the bottom of the window, or unstick the whole window so player could move it around the screen, hiding some parts and revealing other. Thank you.
  3. The only animation we can see when bio distiller is working, is shaking of the whole mechanism. But when there is a chunk of contaminated water passing by through the connected pipe, distiller slams its hatches. animation bug.sav
  4. it seems like she somehow teleported there in the moment when she was building/adding materials to that spot and at the same time someone dug out that chunk of sand under her feet. That's where the bug is. Case closed.
  5. Nope, the lower room have been finished already, then I've marked blueprints for the upper floor. There was the chunk of the fallen sand in the corner of the room, which I've marked for digging right after planning was made. This explains where the ceiling tile have come from (built by Olive, standing on that chunk) and this explains how Olive could dig out that hole, but it still doesn't explain how she got in there.
  6. After being carved or painted by artist or planted by anyone, decor objects have priority settings and "disable building" button in their properties window. Switching this button gives nothing - object still gives decor boost to it's surroundings. Maybe it's some kind of inadvertence.
  7. I've been experiencing this bug too. The interesting part is that if you save your game and load again, the infinite chunk would disappear.
  8. After the last update dupes sometimes get stuck in absolutely incredible places. I've played for about 3 hours and this is the second incident for this time. This has never happened before. I've attached a screenshot and savefile made right at the scene. Look at Olive, how did she even got there? Now she lacks oxygen and twitches so funny, Awwww. Dupe Stuck.sav