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  1. I had the same thing happen with my research stations. Once I had fabricated something there, deconstructing the building would leave a floating progress bar behind.
  2. Oh, shoot! I didn't notice that the sleeping dupes have the "sleeping" status first. Thanks for pointing that out. Are dupes supposed to be "sleeping" on the massage table overnight as well? Shouldn't they go back to their beds?
  3. This works with outhouses as well. If you order a dupe out of an outhouse before the progress bar fills, another dupe can immediately enter and continue filling the progress bar.
  4. (edit - just realized this is a duplicate of - sorry about that) When a dupe has their shower interrupted (such as going to bed, having to use the toilet, or being ordered out by the player), the building itself remembers how far along the shower was. The orange progress bar remains, allowing another dupe to enter the shower and "use" the progress from the previous dupe's shower. A player could potentially "prime" showers with a less valuable dupe, then bring a more valuable dupe (such as a researcher) in to finish the shower, allowing the more valuable dupe to get back to work faster.
  5. When choosing a raw mineral to build with (such as for a tile), six digit quantities seem to break the formatting of the string and end up on two lines. The final digit ends up on the second line, while the first five digits end up partially obscured by the image of the mineral. I imagine this would happen with quantities greater than six digits as well.
  6. Dupes on a massage table have the "Sleeping" condition while dupes that are actually sleeping don't have it.