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  1. On 9/6/2019 at 6:11 PM, SharraShimada said:

    Whats the bug? The game tells you, your food is not in a frdige, and it opens the build menu, containing the very fridge for you. Its intended. 

    His food is in the fridge (or ration box).
    As many people do it - have fridges not powered but in sterile atmosphere.

    When that sterile atmosphere is broken and food is bellow 75% game warns you with this message that has also tooltip "food items are stored but not refrigerated".

    But instead of targeting that fridge or ration box with bellow 75% food that is still going bad it just opens build menu.

  2. I tried your save and problem is that when I loaded it, it showed you have 48 dupes alive.
    But 4 of them are actually dead and stuck behind some objects. Two are behind trees, one body is behind water sieve and one behind wash basin.

    Click on dupe names under "vitals" list and where you don't see "Move To" button, those 4 are dead but didn't die properly. First two and last two if I remember correctly.
    Uproot those two trees and deconstruct sieve and basin with yellow alert so it is done before new day and duplicant count should drop to 44.
    After that I could run your save to cycle 1552+.

    So maybe some bug when dupe dies while working on something...


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  3. This also makes warning in output_log.txt:
    "{0} is getting an abnormal mass set {1}."

    I believe setting maxStackSize to something other than float.Max also for EntitySplitter, similar to ElementSplitterComponents 25t might be the solution as CanFirstAbsorbSecond() will then return false.


    EntitySplitter.maxStackSize = 3.40282347E+38f;
    ElementSplitterComponents.MAX_STACK_SIZE = 25000f;
    PrimaryElement.MAX_MASS = 100000f;


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  4. Are you on windows 10 that was recently updated?
    If yes check or upload output_log.txt

    If it contains this error:

    IndexOutOfRangeException: Array index is out of range.
      at UnityEngine.Display.RecreateDisplayList (System.IntPtr[] nativeDisplay) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0

    try starting the game while holding shift and check if in opened dialog you can select Monitor or if that list is empty.

    If monitor (display) list is empty there might be some problem with scaling setting after windows 10 update.
    Win10 is doing something with display scaling feature so it can run on all kinds of different display resolutions...

    If you are using DVI, HDMI or DisplayPort connection to monitor you might try to use GPU scaling instead of Display scaling.

    Perform scaling on: GPU
    Or "No scaling" mode instead of "Aspect ratio".

    Right click on desktop and select "Nvidia control panel" or "AMD Radeon Settings"
    on nvidia cards it is under "Adjust desktop size and position"

    This problem is not specific to ONI and you can find some more info also in other games forums.


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  5. Seeds are integers 'int' in code. That means max number is 2147483647 = 7FFFFFFF.

    Looking at your image it seems like you used 748298374893 which is too big and ends as 0.
    I tried that and got world seed zero and in log this:

    [ INFO  ] Set world to [worlds/Default] C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/OxygenNotIncluded/OxygenNotIncluded_Data/StreamingAssets\worldgen/
    [ INFO  ] Using player defined seed
    Seeds are [0/0/0/0]


    But somewhere that large number survived... (at least in output_log.txt)

    [ INFO  ] Set world to [worlds/Default] C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/OxygenNotIncluded/OxygenNotIncluded_Data/StreamingAssets\worldgen/
    Shader warmup: 80 shaders 204 combinations 0.001s
    [ INFO  ] Custom Settings: ImmuneSystem=Default,Stress=Default,StressBreaks=Default,WorldgenSeed=748298374893,

    So maybe bug is that it is possible to enter seed number out of range?


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  6. 5 hours ago, h3dg3h0g83 said:

    ERROR: Unknown char: .

    I don't have linux and have no idea how it works, but in some parts of the world (like where I live) is as decimal separator used comma like 1,23 instead of 1.23

    So it might be the case that some system "string to number" methods expect comma instead of dot in your cases.

    ONI should be able to deal with it but maybe you can try to temporary change your system to use dots as decimal separators?


  7. Output coolant, until it is pump out (so while still in the machine) is pickable. Duplicants can pick it from machine output (like from storage) and they do it if you have bottle emptier for that liquid somewhere. (probably not intended behavior)

    Those unclickable bottles appear when duplicant pick as bottle all available output liquid and 0kg is left. (when you have more bottle emptiers or there was less than 200kg in the machine output at the pickup moment)

    Those bottles have 0kg and are not on the ground "flying" and also debug tool "clear floor" is not clearing them but they should disappear with save + load.


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  8. I have no idea what is causing this bug but it happens often in my game as well.
    Problem is it is not easy to reproduce and save+load would fix it so it is hard to report. I made at least some video.

    In first video Max is idle, not cooking and not delivering mushrooms from fridge to grill.
    At this moment only he has access to those fridges and to grill but still he is not moving mushrooms from fridge to grill.

    In second video (next cycle) I gave access to everyone to that area and still no one was delivering mushrooms to grill. I tried to set fridge priority to 1 and other fridge priority to 9 but no one was picking those mushrooms from prio 1 fridge. Like if content of that fridge was somehow locked or inaccessible...

    Only fix I could do (other then save+load) was to drop fridge content on the ground.



  9. Death trap! :) But that is interesting one-way path without using door permissions.


    Nikola can go to Bubbles, but Bubbles can't go to Nikola.

    He can be saved by building ladder left from your ladder just above that brain machine.

  10. Probably same crash that I got several times today: NullReferenceException

    [09:34:49.963] [1] [ INFO  ] No def!
    NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
      at PlanScreen.OnRecipeElementsFullySelected () [0x0007c] in D:\JenkinsWorkspace\Preview_Simgame_Windows\game\Assets\scripts\ui\PlanScreen.cs:950
      at Util.Signal (System.Action action) [0x00009] in D:\JenkinsWorkspace\Preview_Simgame_Windows\game\Assets\Plugins\Klei\util\Util.cs:795
      at ProductInfoScreen.onMenuMaterialChanged () [0x00039] in D:\JenkinsWorkspace\Preview_Simgame_Windows\game\Assets\scripts\ui\ProductInfoScreen.cs:356
      at (wrapper delegate-invoke) MaterialSelector/SelectMaterialActions:invoke_void__this__ ()
      at MaterialSelector.OnSelectMaterial (.KToggle toggle, .Recipe recipe) [0x0005d] in D:\JenkinsWorkspace\Preview_Simgame_Windows\game\Assets\scripts\ui\MaterialSelector.cs:165
      at MaterialSelector+<RefreshToggleContents>c__AnonStorey0.<>m__1 () [0x00018] in D:\JenkinsWorkspace\Preview_Simgame_Windows\game\Assets\scripts\ui\MaterialSelector.cs:216
      at Util.Signal (System.Action action) [0x00009] in D:\JenkinsWorkspace\Preview_Simgame_Windows\game\Assets\Plugins\Klei\util\Util.cs:795
      at KToggle.Click () [0x000ba] in D:\JenkinsWorkspace\Preview_Simgame_Windows\game\Assets\Plugins\Klei\ui\KToggle.cs:77
      at KToggle.OnPointerClick (UnityEngine.EventSystems.PointerEventData eventData) [0x0003b] in D:\JenkinsWorkspace\Preview_Simgame_Windows\game\Assets\Plugins\Klei\ui\KToggle.cs:119
      at UnityEngine.EventSystems.ExecuteEvents.Execute (IPointerClickHandler handler, UnityEngine.EventSystems.BaseEventData eventData) [0x00008] in C:\buildslave\unity\build\Extensions\guisystem\UnityEngine.UI\EventSystem\ExecuteEvents.cs:50