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  1. Hydrogen element sensor position is different and that might be the reason. On working build you have it closer to electrolyzers. If there is no hydrogen on tiles just above electrolyzer and they are fully in oxygen, H2 probably goes down to O2 pumps towards lower pressure and also sometimes produced H2 can be destroyed. There are 4 electrolyzers for 6 O2 pumps so oxygen pressure is probably going up and H2 sensor turns off hydrogen pumps accordingly to keep it even.
  2. I can't exactly see what type of POI you uncovered so maybe you didn't found one with secret doors? This achievement is for unsealing some secret room. So when dupe uses his hand on scan and that way open some door to enter.
  3. Unrefrigerated Food Bug

    His food is in the fridge (or ration box). As many people do it - have fridges not powered but in sterile atmosphere. When that sterile atmosphere is broken and food is bellow 75% game warns you with this message that has also tooltip "food items are stored but not refrigerated". But instead of targeting that fridge or ration box with bellow 75% food that is still going bad it just opens build menu.
  4. [Need Help] automation

    I am not automation expert so probably it can be done smaller, but you can add filter and NOT gate before those middle doors like this: I am also currently building petroleum boiler using some doors and it has some similarities. This is what I am building: So you want to push magma to the left with those 3 doors and then stop heat transfer from magma source by opening those middle doors? Is that necessary? I just don't mind if that small amount of magma is getting some heat from big pool before it solidifies... And are you also putting solidified Igneus Rock chunk inside doors on the right from diamond windows and then you drop it down when temperature on sensor is bellow 404? I did some tests and I want to boil 10kg/sec (or anything bellow that) and I believe those rocks will be still very hot even when doors will be only 403 as that one chunk is not transferring heat to the doors fast enough. I used two doors and hope it will be enough (but I keep rocks inside doors until I manually release them using atmo sensor). I am now waiting for volcano to wake up so not sure if my build will work but I already build it.
  5. Yes another negative of valve is that it can't be build inside walls. I have only one AT in my current game and I used same version as you, but that is the one called "wrong" here.
  6. Normally you would have insulated pipes there anyway, but still one blob sitting there while others are cooled down and looping... I would say that turning off AT with pipe temperature sensor on pipe segment just before AT should always result with AT either having that 10kg inside or not having it, but ONI is not very deterministic in this kind of exact timing situations. And then there is also possibility of power going off at any moment so putting in correct amount of water and then disconnecting refill seems best in all 3 cases (or using reservoir). And using valve (same loop lengths) makes it easiest to put correct amount of water in as AT can be ON or "OFF without blob inside" when filling. Only negative is 200kg steel for valve.
  7. Disconnecting refill is the best for sure because why to keep it when there is already enough water. And removing exactly one water blob in case it got too much is easy. For me variant A that means with valve is better. With C you have one water block not looping when AT is running (it is not visible because it is on bridge white entry point). And B is also not that bad because one empty segment in the loop when AT is on causes no issues.
  8. Here is how it overfill (same way as other versions): AT can be off and have one water segment inside. If there is refill at that point into loop it will get water to max. capacity inside bypass loop. At that point system has already too much water that fills whole bypass and +1 in AT so next time AT goes off without water inside it gets stuck.
  9. So there are 3 versions. A. Same pipe length when going through AT or bypassing (using valve) B. One segment longer pipe when going through AT (top) C. One segment longer pipe when bypassing (bottom) But I don't think version C is the "correct" version. All 3 can get stuck same way (when refilling is not removed) and C can cause some more problems. I would say A is the best as pipe loop is almost always full (except when sometimes off AT has one blob inside). B has empty segment "looping" with AT on and C has one segment not looping and sitting at the bridge which might be a problem and can brake pipe if that one blob gets too hot inside steam room or something.
  10. Version with valve can get overfilled and stuck as well the same way. I think there is no difference between fully open valve and bridge except in length. Problem is that aquatuner can have one liquid block inside and so you can overfill the loop by turning aquatuner off when it is running and with some "luck" have that one liquid block staying inside even when aquatuner is off. First I tough only turning off power can cause this but then when I was recording it happened even with just turning off using automation. So I would say just remove refilling pipe and there is no problem with bridge or valve system...
  11. yes I just thought about that
  12. I like that now there is no battery needed between large transformer and 1.2kW consumer like refinery or aquatuner because it was just confusing. But it would be nice to have 2kW transformer now for 2kW wire when they can work as overload protection. Transformer would take care of some rare cases when too many sweepers would like to work at the same time or it could delay some exosuit docks a bit... I have too many 120W stuff that works just few seconds a day. Edit: or maybe putting 2x 1kW transformer on conductive wire might do it...
  13. Seems similar to when shove voles are outputting regolith and there is no room it can go quite high even through walls. And also doors have some specialties like they can "transport" solid chunks of materials through walls.
  14. It is not important what doors or airlocks you use to enter vacuum areas. This is about doors that are bellow vacuum and between two not vacuum areas. I tried it properly now and it is actually fairly easy to reproduce. I did it about 4 times in a row within half cycle with this setup: I let dupe run few times from left to right and back with 2+ kg oxygen everywhere except that vacuum.
  15. I could not reproduce it, but maybe there is something when dupe exhales inside doors? Looking at picture in that bug report, amount of CO2 that compromised enclosed vacuum area seems to be 20g which is one dupe output.
  16. "Auto-Sweepers outperformed dupes for cycles: {0} / {1}" Is not filled with correct first number. DupesVsSolidTransferArmFetch method Success() checks last 5 cycles going from oldest (-5) to latest cycle (-1), counts max. number of consecutive successful cycles but updates currentCycleCount only when it finds failed cycle. If someone has last 4 cycles successful progress displays 0/5. Also it should display currently active progress for that achievement, so if last cycle was not successful it should be 0/5 regardless what happened 5 cycles ago so check should go from (-1) to (-5), stop on first failed and update currentCycleCount.
  17. I have them also all green but I didn't tame all critter types at all so it seems bug is with that checkboxes progress. But when starting new game they are correctly all unchecked...
  18. Auto Sweeper

    Meat from hatch has 2000g which is 3200 kcal.
  19. I tried your save and problem is that when I loaded it, it showed you have 48 dupes alive. But 4 of them are actually dead and stuck behind some objects. Two are behind trees, one body is behind water sieve and one behind wash basin. Click on dupe names under "vitals" list and where you don't see "Move To" button, those 4 are dead but didn't die properly. First two and last two if I remember correctly. Uproot those two trees and deconstruct sieve and basin with yellow alert so it is done before new day and duplicant count should drop to 44. After that I could run your save to cycle 1552+. So maybe some bug when dupe dies while working on something...
  20. There are some dupes with gender M, some with F but those with X are suspicious here.
  21. I think it is very efficient (as there is no work at all) but if you are doing it for meat they might eat it before your dupes pick it without auto sweeper. You only need to make sure hatches do not get cramped so they keep their numbers. I almost lost my 50 pacus when I accidentally make their open area too small "room" after I build very tall natural reserves on both sides of my base center. For hatches other solution then very big open "room" is to give them natural tiles to burrow. (but big open room is easy as it counts also through water locks).
  22. Lumber disappears after 100 ton stacking

    This also makes warning in output_log.txt: "{0} is getting an abnormal mass set {1}." I believe setting maxStackSize to something other than float.Max also for EntitySplitter, similar to ElementSplitterComponents 25t might be the solution as CanFirstAbsorbSecond() will then return false. EntitySplitter.maxStackSize = 3.40282347E+38f; ElementSplitterComponents.MAX_STACK_SIZE = 25000f; PrimaryElement.MAX_MASS = 100000f;
  23. I don't get it... If you lock hatch inside doors what happens? According to my tests they are "Burrowed" but don't become Groomed. What makes them Groomed in your first picture?
  24. I think that buried glass issue happen when glass jumps to the side instead of to the top and then neighboring tile glass drop makes it buried. So probably doing every second tile first and then after it cools down the rest would be the safest way. But in reality in my actual base I am still bellow 100 cycle so my dupes have low salaries and I did it with manual labor like this: I got hot rock from a bit of magma changed to solid and then mixed it in storage with not so hot rock to get 150-200C.
  25. I would be OK with double cooking algae -> dirt -> sand and have also sand natural tiles in some nice pattern like here when I set valve to 5kg so only 5 vents where used: But ONI is a bit random and doing same thing again gives different results and also there are big differences depending on game speed.