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  1. This is follow up for this bug: Can it be further changed so that ReplaceElement to Vacuum is not called when it is Gas or Liquid instead of just check for Gas? Currently liquids (water) are still being deleted by open doors. (I am using automated door system to compress PH2O.)
  2. Known Issues

    "Known issue" Metal Refinery output liquid (coolant) temperature not always calculated correctly.
  3. After loading game, everything that is on place where open doors are (mechanized airlock) gets deleted. Immediately after load stuff is there but when unpaused during first second it is changed to vacuum. Save + Load should not change game that much. doors.sav
  4. There was some change related to Popped Eardrums mentioned in "full update list":
  5. Unreachable food; full reachable fridge

    I have no idea what is causing this bug but it happens often in my game as well. Problem is it is not easy to reproduce and save+load would fix it so it is hard to report. I made at least some video. In first video Max is idle, not cooking and not delivering mushrooms from fridge to grill. At this moment only he has access to those fridges and to grill but still he is not moving mushrooms from fridge to grill. In second video (next cycle) I gave access to everyone to that area and still no one was delivering mushrooms to grill. I tried to set fridge priority to 1 and other fridge priority to 9 but no one was picking those mushrooms from prio 1 fridge. Like if content of that fridge was somehow locked or inaccessible... Only fix I could do (other then save+load) was to drop fridge content on the ground.
  6. I don't "run" doors. They are open. No automation connected to left 3 doors or bottom 10. Just open doors and save + load.
  7. I did video on preview branch but it is same on live branch. On this video left liquid pump should be working 100% but is not. Also both gas pumps should be pumping 100% time. Closing valve (closing one way) would make pumps going 100%.
  8. This small bug is not new and is present also in live version. After loading saved game all bottle emptiers have for short time enabled autobottling. (like if after load first duplicant jobs are assigned and then bottle emptier "no autobottling" setting is set) Here in this cycle 2 save are 3 idle duplicants and bottle emptier with not enabled autobottling. When save is loaded one duplicant gets job to deliver water bottle from pitcher to emptier even it should not happen. Paradise.sav
  9. Clicking on clock sensor often (but not always) set "Activation Duration" to last used or displayed value so it is hard (or impossible) to check clock settings. Setting multiple clock sensors is a bit frustrating...
  10. [Game Update] - 246040

    You had dupes with 50 athletics or was there "level 50" below their name in jobs/vitals/... tables? I think it just displays level 50 while duplicant is in exosuit.
  11. Magma doesn't pee

    Before looking at details of magma or other elements it is needed to show details of some duplicant. It will then display those last 2 lines from dupe also on magma for example.
  12. [Game Update] - 246040

    I tested it with athletics 0 on longer ladder and there is some small difference and plastic is still a bit faster. I am not sure but there might be athletics cap at 26 (or 33 with +7 from trait).
  13. [Game Update] - 246040

    I did quick test using lvl 26 runners and seems like fire-pole is a bit faster. (tooltip still says +75% speed) I never used plastic ladders before, but to me it seems that they are at same speed now as normal ladder. (which is probably not as it should be) Edit: there is some small difference visible on long ladders - test with athletics 0:
  14. Are you sure? Are you saying that gases mix vertically now? Are we understanding gas lock differently? I can't say I can reproduce that. Do you have any pic/vid/save/code to show that's the case? I think you somehow misquoted it, I didn't wrote that. Tubes are good for perfect air lock. I already posted video of it yesterday. Also I think gas locks work same as before.
  15. I think those tubes are more like stackable 1x1 building and not background. You can't use them behind other buildings. To me it seems like a pretty good (100%) air lock after several cycles. (when they fix that constant power drain)
  16. Are you sure about that? Holds vacuum for some time already...
  17. How to use that transit thing? In my debug mode test it looks like power bridge and seems to do nothing with tubes...
  18. I also think it is a bug... they look like they should consume power only when being charged.
  19. I know. I posted it at same time as your post so didn't see your image... don't know why your rightmost access was not working.
  20. Connect like this: But they use a lot energy... also when not used.
  21. When duplicants are in exosuit and walk down through 2 tiles step their helmet is a bit off like on this picture:
  22. How got he in there?

    Death trap! But that is interesting one-way path without using door permissions. Nikola can go to Bubbles, but Bubbles can't go to Nikola. He can be saved by building ladder left from your ladder just above that brain machine.
  23. Game Crash on tile/insulated tile build

    Probably same crash that I got several times today: NullReferenceException [09:34:49.963] [1] [ INFO ] No def! NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object at PlanScreen.OnRecipeElementsFullySelected () [0x0007c] in D:\JenkinsWorkspace\Preview_Simgame_Windows\game\Assets\scripts\ui\PlanScreen.cs:950 at Util.Signal (System.Action action) [0x00009] in D:\JenkinsWorkspace\Preview_Simgame_Windows\game\Assets\Plugins\Klei\util\Util.cs:795 at ProductInfoScreen.onMenuMaterialChanged () [0x00039] in D:\JenkinsWorkspace\Preview_Simgame_Windows\game\Assets\scripts\ui\ProductInfoScreen.cs:356 at (wrapper delegate-invoke) MaterialSelector/SelectMaterialActions:invoke_void__this__ () at MaterialSelector.OnSelectMaterial (.KToggle toggle, .Recipe recipe) [0x0005d] in D:\JenkinsWorkspace\Preview_Simgame_Windows\game\Assets\scripts\ui\MaterialSelector.cs:165 at MaterialSelector+<RefreshToggleContents>c__AnonStorey0.<>m__1 () [0x00018] in D:\JenkinsWorkspace\Preview_Simgame_Windows\game\Assets\scripts\ui\MaterialSelector.cs:216 at Util.Signal (System.Action action) [0x00009] in D:\JenkinsWorkspace\Preview_Simgame_Windows\game\Assets\Plugins\Klei\util\Util.cs:795 at KToggle.Click () [0x000ba] in D:\JenkinsWorkspace\Preview_Simgame_Windows\game\Assets\Plugins\Klei\ui\KToggle.cs:77 at KToggle.OnPointerClick (UnityEngine.EventSystems.PointerEventData eventData) [0x0003b] in D:\JenkinsWorkspace\Preview_Simgame_Windows\game\Assets\Plugins\Klei\ui\KToggle.cs:119 at UnityEngine.EventSystems.ExecuteEvents.Execute (IPointerClickHandler handler, UnityEngine.EventSystems.BaseEventData eventData) [0x00008] in C:\buildslave\unity\build\Extensions\guisystem\UnityEngine.UI\EventSystem\ExecuteEvents.cs:50