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  1. is there any use of liquid clay? ^^. There is also phosphorus gas which should be emmitting light (which wasnt happening in it's gas or liquid state). Would like to get it solid. Just need to reach 48°C
  2. Had same problem twiche. Once i tried to rename a dupe to Sandra and once to PeeDiePie ^^. But after reload it worked fine.
  3. Got this several times with the automatic airlocks. I locked some of them but the dupes still tried to get stuff from the other side of the door. They don't get any other jobs and most time you cant move them manually. They will stay in front of this door until they die. save and log files:
  4. Almost at Cycle 300 i got a problem where the game keeps CTD every time i load the savegame and unpause it for some seconds. I turned off different jobs like delivery, build and so on but still crashing. The Not-So Super Planet Z298.sav SimDLL_CRASH_release_208196_20170228-00.5415.dmp
  5. Found this strange block type just at the bottom of the map save and logfiles: