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  1. Do you know how you fixed it? Been trying to find a solution for i think the same problem
  2. I have the same issue, but the blackscreen persists for me. It's already in windowed mode for me.
  3. Have you also noticed the actual symbol on oni is in the top left corner? I managed to drag it out and now i just have a blackscreen window... but it is a start.
  4. it stay minimized when i startup the game. I can't acces anything. It's like minimizing your browser. you can see the icon in your hotbar on the bottom but it won't open when i click on it.
  5. Yes i play on windows 10. Can't remember if i played fullscreen or windowed. It seems this doesn't fix the issue though :/
  6. It's been a while since i played oni, but with all the new patches i wanted to try a new run. It seems i can't open the actual game screen. Things that happen: when i try to launch the game from stream it starts up, i see the icon, i hear the login music, but i can't open the window to actually play :/ Things i checked Steam: completely updated the game No problems for other game launches Trying to launch in compatibility mode windows 8 , windows 7, windows vista service pack 2 output_log.txt
  7. When planting a new mealwood plant you cannot remove the planter. but you can removed all blocks around it.
  8. These are 2 seperate bugs: In the first i had 3 algea terrariums lower so the CO2 could reach it, with an automated watering system. This worked, however some other water from another water source spilled unto the gas tiles above them. After they were all covered they stopped producing oxygen. I didn't have to add algea or water anymore, but it didn't say that it wasn't working. The second bug is that one algae terrarium build above this, started requiring a lot of water. My duplicants started taking the contaminated water one vomited from stress over it. ps. i'm not sure if i did add the correct output log