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  1. Mime's Art Stuffz.

    I just really like mimes and stuff, and me being an odd fellow, I just drew my OC as a mime! And it was sorta a commission? Hah. D'aw, thanks! It made me gain the courage~! And.. Phew, thankies I haven't ran into em'. Shamessss.
  2. Mime's Art Stuffz.

    Thanks for someone sending a kind message for me to actually gain the courage to post some art I've done for DS. Thankiesss.
  3. Console and Mobile Port Status Update

    I'm still highly confused by it won't be an event. Like, DLC or something?
  4. Console and Mobile Port Status Update

    We're not getting it as an event? What do you mean by that, actually? I'm guessing we'll be able to manually activate it in a new world? Or can we activate it in our current world? Thank you for the update!
  5. Klau's loot stash spawn

    Nah, I believe ya'. It just happens. I've tried it multiple times on world's, it just happens to spawn in any area randomly. Believe me or not, it's just my POV.
  6. Klau's loot stash spawn

    Sadly, not a true thing. I live in the Deciduous forest, and it can spawn in either one randomly.
  7. Klau's loot stash spawn

    Only one way -- And that's putting pretty much a player placing on every tile so it won't spawn. Which seems pretty cancerous and annoying to do, but sadly! No there isn't, this happens to us, too. Hah.
  8. Nnnopes, either way.. If you are going to start a world on it, you are forced to find everything you can on the map.
  9. DST Addon confusion

    Reign Of Giants/Shipwrecked is only for the single player expansion. Don't Starve Together is a standalone. If you want to play alone, then buy those expansions.
  10. Hi there, this is more tedious than anything. I've been playing in a world with one other person. The ping is stuck at 50-60 and that's more than good. It's just doing some odd stuff every time hounds come around, and pretty much anytime of the day, the game seems to slide us back into the hits from whatever is attacking us. It's getting annoying and such, starting a new world would just ruin us more. Is this a known issue, or just something being worked around or ignored and not an easy fix? Either way, it's fine for now. Just hope it doesn't get worse. Thanks.
  11. Hi there, This glitch only occurs whenever two people are playing together in any server. But if one person's sanity is low and going insane, and the other's sanity is perfectly fine, the rabbit has it's arms completely black, (like how they are supposed to be when your character is insane.) Their bodies are completely fine the way they should be. Puffy white and adorable. If you are the player that has low sanity, the bunnymen are just black and how they should be when insane. If you are the player who has perfect sanity, that's when the glitch occurs. I don't know if you have to be a certain character for this to happen. But for me, I was Wolfgang, and a friend was Wilson. It's a bit hard to explain, but it's easy to make the glitch occur. If this isn't a glitch, or such--.. I'm terribly bad at explaining, but this is just bothering for some reason, haha.