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  1. At cycle 26, all (6) dupes are stuck on a continuous cycle of watering algae plants. Watched as the "awaiting delivery" number jumps progressively up, I have one plant crawling in the 100s of Kgs. Only current fix I show is deconstructing. Tried to reconstruct and new algae plants turn into 'black holes' instantaneously. Update: Originally I thought the only thing effected, or turning into a 'black hole' for water, was the algae. After I removed all the algae, rebuilt them in a different location, SOME of them didn't glitch, most did. Those that did I set priority to 1 and would deconstruct and reconstruct after they died. However, on cycle 28 I began to notice research halt... the dupes were dumping water into the large research machine, just like the algae. It doesn't state any amount that's changing/fluctuating in the super computers information, but it has a constant message of 'Awaiting Material Delivery'.