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  1. YES, thanks a TON to you, installing KB2999226 update fixed the crash, im so happy
  2. Not really sure if this is what you are looking for: SimDLL.dwi
  3. simdll.dll exists and all files succesfully validated.
  4. Yes, vc_redist.x64, no errors when installing it
  5. I have made, it's pending, i have included output_log in there
  6. Hi! Game crashes when hitting "new game", it says that my pc doen't have Microsoft Visual C++ installed. I reinstalled it couple times and restart my pc. Still doesn't work. Also reinstalled game I've been reading other topics about this problem, nothing has helped would be nice to play this game. Any solutions? Thanks! DxDiag.txt
  7. Im also having problem with 2015 redistributable, i have installed and reinstalled it for couple times, still sayig i don't have it installed