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  1. Upon loading a game from a save, all my manual airlock doors stop functioning as airlocks (see screenshots). All the water and gas behind them pours in, even though the doors are still closed. This is immediately after loading the game. You can see water coming in through all the doors, eventhough they are closed. I also have 0 idea how that duplicant in the top left got there, since all of the doors in that area were set to "closed". Wider shot of the issue. You can see that this affects gasses too. In the bottom left corner some hydrogen is leaking in from a sealed room with an electrolyzer. The contaminated water that fell from the top doors continues to go through doors here, all the way into the bottom. The doors also appear to lose their open/closed/auto status, all returning to "auto" regardless of what I set them to prior to saving. As far as I can tell, the only way to get the doors to start acting like doors again is to have a duplicant interact with them directly. Jessibase Mark VI.sav Jessibase Mark VI Cycle 35.sav Jessibase Mark VI Cycle 34.sav Jessibase Mark VI Cycle 33.sav