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  1. The Electrolyzer doesn't use water in the CONTENTS if the pipes is empty. The Electrolyzer begins to use water in the CONTENTS if water arrives by 10g. VERSION: CL#208689
  2. I think it will be good if you write what OS and a sound driver you use. and if not hard you can try to find what unites you with other person who also has this bug. By the way you have a problem that the game takes more and more memory over time? It seems to me the bug of music can be related with the problem and when the problem will be fixed then with music there will be no problems.
  3. Music cut out or music doesn't play, it's different things? I have huge base with 9 peoples and usually when i turn on 3x speed then music doesn't play. For example: after night if using 3x speed then a music doesn't play if used 1x speed then a music plays. VERSION: 208196
  4. Version: *CL#207683 Also the bug exists for gas pump. I don’t know exactly how to reproduce, probably: Use a pump when a resource in small quantity. If 1. Step doesn’t create a vacuum then try to create a new way for a resource in a pipe. Probably better if the new way went through a gas output pipe. If 2. Step doesn’t create a vacuum then try to turn off a pump when it’s pumping a resource. Players can fix the bug: Having reloaded a game.