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  1. Because the Critter Feeder has Pips in the options, but there's no actual food for Pips, the unselect all option doesn't work because the Pips are never checked. Pips should probably be removed from this list.
  2. Oh right they eat mealwood rather than meal lice. Woops. Thanks for the reply @SharraShimada.
  3. When choosing the food that goes in the Critter Feeder, it doens't have an options for the various Dreckos. Edit: Playing some more it seems that the dreckos aren't eating at all, neither from the Critter Feeder (you can get mealwood in there through the hatch option) nor when it's on the ground. Neither wild ones nor tamed ones seem to be eating, and some of the tamed ones are starving to death. Edit 2: Someone pointed out the difference between mealwood and meal lice, this ticket can be closed.
  4. I'm getting a hard freeze where the game just doesn't respond at all and then Windows asks if I want to kill it. I may very well be because of connection pipes together as what was mentioned above, so this may not be a new bug perse.
  5. I also got the save game crash; I put it in a bug report.
  6. The save crashes consistently after running it for several seconds (seems okay when paused though). Arboria.sav
  7. Having a button to unload the rocket would be nice. Or maybe make it like a regular container?
  8. I've had this one too, but with mushrooms. It fixed itself when the mushrooms decayed. I don't think it had anything to do with binge eating though, not sure what caused it. Edit: I just had it happen again with Frost Buns, this time there was a binge eater going to town.
  9. So I had an issue with dupes not deconstructing or disabling rocket parts that weren't the engines. I finally figured out that I needed extended gantries for them to be able to interact with them. I'd still say it's a bug, because at the very least there should be an 'unreachable deconstruct' message there. Also it seems a bit odd that you can build the rocket parts with just a ladder to the side, but need a gantry to tear it down.
  10. I reported this on the older patch thread because I hadn't noticed the patch, but it's still there. The bug is that my dupes won't deconstruct or disable rocket parts except the engines. Reloading doesn't help.
  11. I finally made a rocket and didn't put it in the right spot, but it seems that marking it for deconstruction only has the dupes remove the engine and not the command module or fuel tank. It also seems that those sections won't get disabled.
  12. I have this too, basically every UI element that's anchored to the bottom-right is borked like this. You also can't click things most of the times. Good for learning hotkeys, not great for configuring storage containers. Edit: And of course now that I alt-tabbed back it's working fine. Weird stuff.