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  1. Recently killed off a colony due to starvation. My dupes all ran off to the massage tables due to high stress, which made me realize that I had ran out of food due to turning off food production accidentally. Okay, no big deal. Just turn em back on, set priority to max, and get back to work. Except they wouldn't leave the massage tables due to being at 100% stress level. Worse, the starvation was causing stress to build up faster than the table fixed it, as the stress levels weren't going down either (mind this is a /very/ fancy massage area, so plenty of decor). Attempting to disable the massage tables didn't work, as no dupes were available to disable the tables, and they couldn't do that while in the middle of using them. As a last ditch effort I flipped on red alert and watched as a bunch of very stubborn dupes chose to starve to death instead of getting off of the tables. Note: Each duplicate had been assigned their own table, and attempting to change the assignments didn't work either. 5/7, would watch dupes starve to death again. I'd attach a save file but .sav isn't an allowed attachment and I'm not sure how to convert it.