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  1. You need to make sure you are downloading the correct mods from the main post, the result in not having done that is a fishy download that made lead your game to "crash" try reinstalling all the mods and take a look at each mod to make sure it's not the wrong one and that it's not a repost/edited version of the entire thing! I hope this can help but if not I will leave an edit if I found anything leave anymore information so that I can try and help you! NOTE: make sure you are posting your thread in the right form I don't play don't starve I play don't starve together and the mod options look alot different you might need to post in the "Don't Starve Mods and Tools"
  2. local function oneat(inst, food) if food and food.components.edible and food.components.edible.foodtype == FOODTYPE.GEARS then --give an upgrade! inst.level = inst.level + 1 applyupgrades(inst) inst.SoundEmitter:PlaySound("dontstarve/characters/wx78/levelup") -- MarkL Can't do this here, need to do it inside the component -- todo pax Move upgrade logic elsewhere. --inst.HUD.controls.status.heart:PulseGreen() --inst.HUD.controls.status.stomach:PulseGreen() --inst.HUD.controls.status.brain:PulseGreen() --inst.HUD.controls.status.brain:ScaleTo(1.3,1,.7) --inst.HUD.controls.status.heart:ScaleTo(1.3,1,.7) --inst.HUD.controls.status.stomach:ScaleTo(1.3,1,.7) end that is WX-78's code! np
  3. the folder that you upload is the compiled files you are just uploading it on steam using the dst mod tool
  4. What do I need help with? I'm trying to make a coconut mod for don't starve from shipwrecked I have all the image files I just need help like coding making it cookable in the firepit etc. Coconut
  5. I need help creating a mod which webber can eat string and gain a benfit e.g 20 Sanity 20 Health 20 Hunger
  6. I need help making a spells mod (like wickerbottom)
  7. don't worry it's already fixed I forgot to edit the error but it wasn't what you were thinking it was I had to change the entire code because add recipe didn't work so I did this: local mandrake = GLOBAL.Recipe("mandrake", {Ingredient("livinglog", 1), Ingredient("carrot", 2) }, RECIPETABS.FOOD, TECH.SCIENCE_ONE)
  8. I think you might need to look into overriding a recipe to remove it I'm not the guy who can help but that might be what you need
  9. Leave feedback/questions down here I will always respond even if it's not that you are a modder and you just have something positive to say go for it
  10. Introducing: Mandrake Seeds Are you tired of scowering the world coming out with only 2-3 mandrake and killing the mandrake population? Do you need more than 1 pan flute? well have I got the mod for you! How It Works! 1.) You feed mandrake to your bird in the birdcage 2.) The bird will become very sleepy 2-3 days 3.) After those 2-3 days the bird will wake up and you will have a x 0.5 chance to recieve 2x Mandrake Seeds! 4.) You will need to fertilize the farm with nightmare fuel! 5.) You cannot harvest them after day! Balanced! 1.) You may not feed the bird whilst it's asleep... 2.) Your mandrake plant will die (no drop) if you do not fertilize it with Nightmare fuel. 3.) Since mandrake is now obtainable (via a farm) It will be less common to find it out and about Ideas in Future! (might not be implemented) 1.) an Alchemy Station which you need Mandrake to brew potions with Minor effects 2.) Mandrake ent, you can find these in the wild they are pretty much neutral unless you attack them! 2.) Mandrake pets, they do not screech don't worry but they fall asleep in the night and refuse to eat mandrake pretty much a chester with no storage 3.) More Plants not just mandrakes I would wish for this to be a more versitile mod! What I need to make this Work! 1.) I need an expirenced modder, a person who can achieve what I present 2.) I would need to learn a bit about how to animate plants and etc so I can animate them 3.) Some people to support it leave some suggestions down in the comment section How it Looks This is how the seed looks so far I might add a few features here and there but I think It's a solid mandrake seed! Contact me! are you an expirenced modder? Contact me via Email,Skype,Steam (Yes I do have a VAC) : : : redesigns1
  11. Thank you so much! I'll see if this works and make an edit if I get an error or if It works EDIT: come across another error
  12. I couldn't find the log but I took a screenshot
  13. so basically I've been trying so hard to make a mod I finally made one but now it gives me an ERROR here is all the code local RECIPETABS = GLOBAL.RECIPETABS local Ingredient = GLOBAL.Ingredient local Recipe = GLOBAL.Recipe local TECH = GLOBAL.TECH local STRINGS = GLOBAL.STRINGS AddRecipe("mandrake", {Ingredient("livinglog", 1), Ingredient("carrot", 2), RECIPETABS.FOOD, TECH.SCIENCE_ONE) STRINGS.RECIPE_DESC.MANDRAKE = "a Living Plant." AddRecipe("wormlight", {Ingredient("lightbulb", 2), Ingredient("berries", 1), RECIPETABS.FOOD, TECH.SCIENCE_ONE) STRINGS.RECIPE_DESC.WORMLIGHT = "hmm? a Glowing Vegetable?" AddRecipe("gears", {Ingredient("rope", 1), Ingredient("flint", 2),Ingredient("goldnugget", 1), RECIPETABS.SCIENCE, TECH.SCIENCE_ONE) STRINGS.RECIPE_DESC.GEARS = "Clink! Clank!" AddRecipe("livinglog", {Ingredient("livinglog", 1), Ingredient("nightmarefuel", 1), RECIPETABS.REFINE, TECH.SCIENCE_ONE) STRINGS.RECIPE_DESC.LIVINGLOG = "Avada Kedavra! *poof* a Magical Stump!" AddRecipe("houndstooth", {Ingredient("stinger", 2), Ingredient("boneshard", 1), RECIPETABS.REFINE, TECH.SCIENCE_ONE) STRINGS.RECIPE_DESC.HOUNDSTOOTH = "Pesky ol' teeth!" AddRecipe("meat", {Ingredient("smallmeat", 2), RECIPETABS.FOOD, TECH.SCIENCE_ONE) STRINGS.RECIPE_DESC.MEAT = "Don't? err Starve I guess!" AddRecipe("nightmarefuel", {Ingredient("spoiled_food", 4), RECIPETABS.MAGIC, TECH.SCIENCE_ONE) STRINGS.RECIPE_DESC.NIGHTMAREFUEL = "Witchcraft, I assume?!" AddRecipe("steelwool", {Ingredient("transistor", 2), Ingredient("beefalowool", 4), {Ingredient("rope", 1), RECIPETABS.REFINE, TECH.SCIENCE_TWO) STRINGS.RECIPE_DESC.STEELWOOL = "no moe mama mucus! Hallelujah" AddRecipe("armorruins", {Ingredient("thulecite_pieces", 16), Ingredient("armorwood", 1), {Ingredient("rope", 2), RECIPETABS.FIGHT, TECH.SCIENCE_TWO) STRINGS.RECIPE_DESC.ARMORRUINS = "nifty piece of armor, eh?" AddRecipe("butter", {Ingredient("butterflywings", 2), Ingredient("honey", 2), RECIPETABS.FOOD, TECH.SCIENCE_TWO) STRINGS.RECIPE_DESC.BUTTER = "Butter, is a necessity!" that is modmain.lua name = "CraftPlus" description = "Crafting has never been better!" author = "SaltMouth" version = "1.0.0" forumthread = "" -- This lets other players know if your mod is out of date, update it to match the current version in the game api_version = 10 -- Can specify a custom icon for this mod! icon_atlas = "" icon = "" -- Specify compatibility with the game! dont_starve_compatible = true reign_of_giants_compatible = true dst_compatible = true all_clients_require_mod = true that is modinfo.lua I've placed it inside of a folder and I called the folder _craftplus if someone can resolve my issue that would be amazing