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  1. oh, sorry it's not a bug... I confused sand with sandstone................. So, the real question is : What can we do when we do not have sand anymore ?
  2. The sand is no more used for filtration after cycle 100. (Air Deodorize AND Water Purifier)
  3. This crash no more occur since the last update (208196 208348 - 2/28/2017) Thank you !
  4. Hello, I have a total crash of the game with my save file. I load my saved game. I unpause it, then the game will crash after around 22 seconds with the third speed, around 33 seconds with the second speed or around 66 seconds with the first speed. I just have to wait. SimDLL_CRASH_release_207683_20170225-17.5429.dmp Verticale.sav