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  1. I was looking through the food list and the sushi was showing a stuffed berry picture.
  2. I don't know why but, the duplicants still react like they just ate hot garbage when they eat higher quality meals. As seen below the fading words are superb meal (pepper bread), yet he still does the cringe and tongue wipe like he ate an uncooked mushbar.
  3. The doctor duplicant's hat and hair disappear when treating a patient for slimelung.
  4. In the same vain of sounds not going away, I was playing as Wilson and went crazy. The shadow hand showed up in the middle of the night to put out the fire in my house, it seemed to get stuck at the wall and never move forward. When day came it dissipated, but the music did not stop. I was then shocked to find out later that not only was the music in my house, but in every building I entered.
  5. Another odd runner. He continued to run against the house, but never goes inside.
  6. Every once in a while one of the npc shopkeepers just starts running toward the bottom left corner for no reason. They will stop and replace items as purchased then go right back to the corner. This also seems to be happening to the guard pig I got with the security contract. As shown in the attachment.
  7. In Don't Starve- Hamlet, sometimes the sound of buzzing flies persists in town after picking up pig droppings. Yes, I rotated the camera to check around surrounding building to make sure there were no other generous mounds of fresh pig fertilizer. So, in short, no poop, but still bug noise.
  8. Ran into a bug while the duplicants were digging. There was a cracked block that was dug, but the crack did not leave when the block was destroyed. So unless yall added reality distortions to the new update, here have a bug report.
  9. When the duplicants are sleeping, sometimes their hair changed. See attached picture, the hair is different from the bio pics.
  10. After the medbay was made, all the previously unassigned outhouses only had the option to assign to the medbay. I can no longer give the duplicants their own place to relieve themselves.
  11. I started to farm slime for algae around day 25ish. Then most of my algae plants and oxygen spewing machines stopped registering that they were receiving the plant matter no matter how much was put in. The carbon dioxide is rising and the air is running thin in my settlement. I hope this bug is fixed fast.