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  1. Was able to fix this error by changing Steam client from D drive to C drive. Thanks for the help, I guess you can chalk this up to user error.
  2. Followed the instructions Right click on Oxygen Not Included on your game library > Properties > Local Files - Click on Browse Local Files - The file will be located in SteamApps\common\OxygenNotIncluded\OxygenNotIncluded_Data\output_log.txt "output_log.txt" was not present in "OxygentNotIncluded_Data". I verified local files reattempted. Did a reinstall, verified content, ran the game and still no "output_log.txt" present.
  3. When starting the game on steam the client will preform the first time setup every time after this the game will start up then I will get an error message in the development console. It only lasts a fraction of a second before it is flooded with "Socket: accept failed, error: The operation completed successfully.(0)" I can't clear or close the Development Console, nor can I click on report crash or quit to desktop. had to ALT+F4 to exit. If I could have to location to find error reports that would help as I can't find them in the game files.