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  1. Maybe? Would it still track as "Edible"? Or maybe that's the bug? Shouldn't track as "edible" in the sub-menu.
  2. Removing the old ration chest and building a new one does not fix the issue. The total count on kcals is still minimal (meal lice only, it seems), while the sub items are still tracking but apparently unfindable.
  3. Oh, and storage box has declared that it is now only storing 5 kg instead of 105 kg as it was shortly before when I was looking at it. Not sure of the order of reporting, maybe the breakdown is somewhere in there. I've now also received "Food beyond reach" events for my dupes.
  4. It seems something is triggering the system to think all of the food has vanished, but only slightly. It happened in my last game, but I thought I had run out of food. This round I know that I have a ration chest full of food (maybe it was triggered when it filled to the top?). I got the "Food Shortage" warning in the events tracker, and the material tracker *summary* at right reads "2900 kcal" but when I open the drop-down for it, it does recognize the 68,000 kcal of Mush bars, 2900 kcal of Meal Lice, 4000 kcal of Muckroot, and 16000 kcal of Liceloaf. It also seems that my dupe just retrieved lice to eat before food? Maybe related?
  5. Seems a little silly, but every time I load up the game tells me my computer doesn't meet the minimum specs, but my machine is pretty top-of-the-line, and I have it running at 4K resolution with no issues. Not sure what might be making it think/announce that. Let me know if you want any logs or other things to help figure it out.