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  1. If you were to direct your Duplicant into a territory in which it isn't able to venture to, the mark/signal of the placement stays on the block that you directed your Duplicant to. The only way to get rid of the red mark on your screen is to go back to the option to move your Duplicant... and move them to a place they can walk to. This isn't that big of a deal, but it'd be nice to cancel the option to mark a block that a Duplicant cannot seem to get to.
  2. The lines made when a duplicant snores in its sleep; sometime appear for no specific reason. I've had about 5 of these occurrences.
  3. From the image I just uploaded, you see that 'Brady' doesn't really want to lay fully on the cot. Is this already a known bug?
  4. Eh, its what I'm here for.
  5. This issue might have to do with the type of computer you're running 'Oxygen Not Included' on. It does specify that you will need a pretty decent comp. to run the game. Which is problem I saw while purchasing this game. The warning about the need of a fast computer is only seen after you've purchased and downloaded the game. Which may cause some people to buy the game, without being able to even play it...
  6. WARNING: This may not be a bug, so much as something in need of fixing. I tried to configure my controls, but in trying to do so I saved something I now regret. For one of the control options you can change the regular clicking of the L Mouse Key into something completely different. So now even when I exit the game and rejoin to play a session of 'Oxygen Not Included' I'm not able to click on anything... I'm still trying to find out what key I configured the controls to. But it would be much appreciated if this were not to happen again. My suggestion would be to make the option to switch your L Mouse Key non-existent. P.S. - I'm not able to play 'Oxygen Not Included' at all, without the L Mouse Key... so hopefully you can get on top of this sooner than later.