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  1. Change the battery percentage i had thet same issue just have it at like 60% or whatever works for your situation.
  2. No mass lose that I noticed when i was playing with it. Was a perfect 1:1 change
  3. Ohhh this is nice! and bloody brilliant! +5 Internets to you!
  4. gottcha, and for rapid heat transfer through a tile you use wolframite and for a gradual but stable you use granite or have I been doing this wrong? Edit: I should clarify I mean the new heavy watt bridges made from wolframite.
  5. Wolframite? I thought granite was better for a radiator design?
  6. Kinda looks like a pokeball...
  7. can't you do this by heating a liquid gas? edit: nm I got what you were getting at
  8. Wjat I love about this is you can scale it, low power use but lower output (still more then needed) high output, high power, whatever gas you want to liquify/ freeze. Just so useful!
  9. How to cool your base?

    So I took this heart idea played a bit and once its settled i get roughtly 540 kg of LO2 for eh like 200W woah...
  10. How to cool your base?

    You must be missing something, once I got my wheeze AC up and running the temp dropped pretty quickly in my base.
  11. Don't forget for every G of CO2 that could be turned back into crude oil by slicksters
  12. ...thats actually identical to mine lol the other one I use is two of those back to back with a pump in the middle for H2 and no wheezes. only down side is if i don't get any AC set up it gets warm. But im more if a casual player anyways
  13. I relly need to get off my butt and post a screen shot of mine but Ive got and few set up one is a 2 electrolizer one pump set up that one its primed is a set and forget, the other uses one pump for hydrogen and 2 whezze for oxygen keeps eveything cool and is a set and forget and is stackable just a little heavy on the wheezeworts not the most efficient by any means but once its running I forget about it. That being said there are much better systems in this forum.
  14. Hey man don't hate on the loofah its the best way to scrub!