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  1. Ohhh this is nice! and bloody brilliant! +5 Internets to you!
  2. How to cool your base?

    So I took this heart idea played a bit and once its settled i get roughtly 540 kg of LO2 for eh like 200W woah...
  3. How to cool your base?

    You must be missing something, once I got my wheeze AC up and running the temp dropped pretty quickly in my base.
  4. [Game Update] - 234607

    If plastic is going to be a usable resource it needs to be "affordable" i haven't played with the new settings yet and even then I'll have to wait till the weekend to play with it outside of debug but even if it is to easy now, its good to "bracket" these things. Go to high then to low, and bounce between too high and low narrowing in as you go to find the right value your looking for.
  5. [Game Update] - 234607

    Not sure, the 3333.33 still would require 2 wells to power one generator which is fair, maybe 3 would be better for balance but 2 works better then the 6 it was before, the water cost might be a little low now but hey that why we test this stuff right? The lower power cost helps balance what you get in your investment and that seems "right" as it is just a liquid pump. Guess we'll see.