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  1. @CheerioI love this hotfix! But there's still a problem when i use simplified Chinese translation file. The press stats in VITALS are locked to 00 and fullness stats are locked to 99. I'd appreciate if you fix it.
  2. UI priority

    When craft menu opened, i cant click on the same point at research menu. Plz adjust UI priority or quit build mode when click the upper right corner menus,just like the other commands in the lower right corner.
  3. 我也是第一次用,慢慢摸索吧。暂时没觉得有太需要专业知识的名词。
  4. Working on Simplified Chinese translation, one night 6%.Long way to go. https://github.com/FuchsLee/Oxygen_Not_Included-zh 已上传到github,有没有愿意一起翻译的。