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  1. You could also have a type of wireless signal that gets blocked or greatly reduced by certain materials such as metal for example. So you'd have to put in boosters and hardwire receivers through specific walls.
  2. A potential solution would be to use the super computer as a central device to control all electronic systems in the base. Also stops it becoming redundant once the research has finished.
  3. Hi guys... just checking this out now... I've already noticed though that the maximum resolution for my MacBook Pro retina is only 1440 x 900. Feels a bit blurry compared to playing in 1920x1400 in boot camp. Is there a way to change this?
  4. Kashua, how do you get the gas to use the bypass pipe only when the TR is off? For me, some of the gas enters the TR and some takes the bypas. Cheers in advance
  5. I had two duplicants die in an ice biome, but at the time I only found one of them. Many many cycles later I saw this: So I quickly prioritised her rescue but once she was free I noticed that Ellie wasn't...exactly...herself: Apart from having zero health and breath, and well, being 'rotten', all she does all day is climb up and down that ladder. Maybe she's more of a ghost than a zombie, haunting the other duplicants in the place where they let her die?!
  6. Couldn't sweep and collect abyssite

    thanks guys. So at the moment there's no point mining it I guess
  7. Perhaps this is a feature and I didn't have the right equipment to collect it but I had 10 dupes idle in an otherwise spotless base ignoring a priority level 9 on the sweep command for abyssite.
  8. Priority Selector is hard to see and use

    I agree. It's such an important feature in the game that it needs to be quicker and more convenient to use
  9. After a few hours of play the game begins to lag. I'm not sure if it's related to the length of time I'm playing or the complexity of the scene. At first I thought it was my laptop: Macbook Pro 2012 - playing in bootcamp: Windows 7 ...but exiting the game and reloading seemed to help for a while.
  10. When mining from a tile of CO2, more CO2 will be generated to fill the space of the destroyed block. When mining from a tile of O2, more O2 will be generated to fill the space of the destroyed block. I have placed Algae plants next to future mining zones just to avoid a massive increase in CO2. Perhaps a neutral gas or even a vacuum should be created instead of duplicating the adjacent gases.
  11. The cable bridge doesn't seem to conduct from one side to the other.