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  1. Okay to clear this up, after some more playing i noticed this is in fact not a bug, the duplicants pick up 1000g of algae, which is 1kg of it, hence why it uses it almost instantly.
  2. This is the problem. when the bio distiller creates algae from slime, the algae it creates isn't working like it should, after mining regular algae it works fine, but any algae from the bio distiller just does't work.
  3. Algae stops working Well the name gives a brief description, around cycle 30 when using algae in any machine, it simply doesn't work, for example using algae in the algae deoxydizer, a duplicant will deliver the algae and it will immediately consume all the algae that was put into it. This becomes a problem for obvious reasons, one you can't produce oxygen (without using the higher tier oxygen generator). this has occurred on 2 previous games, as well as my current game. After leaving the game and coming back, the issue seems to stop. however it is still happening in the first place and may need looking into.