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  1. Idk if it's a bug but, telebase is under the rug.
  2. that's why I meant by "bug"
  3. I think the proper string is "Plant"?
  4. I know this is an old "bug" but can we have this fixed please.
  5. Sometimes the character can't pickup items near tooth trap when it's activated: (I was pressing space bar constantly)
  6. Plus: The shadow when it's open
  7. Can we pls fix small crops?

    That would be a graphic bug then lol
  8. This thing is really annoying for me. Here's a comparison:
  9. [Game Update] - 341281

    @Jason can you please consider add Weevole Carapace to any of the Pig Traders? Like 1 Oinc, that will be a great way to farm oincs aswell
  10. Just make a chest spawn, like when Quacken die. Wait mate.. klei can add better boats in future who knows.
  11. I think it's a bit op that they can't do anything if you jump on boat, on land they can still destroy things. about boats I hope klei add better boats later.
  12. Because you can escape from them with boats (Deerclops, Bearger, Dragonfly etc). So to make it a bit hard they can swim. And I think it's hella cool to fight on ocean like SW.