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  1. I really don't know if this is a bug but anyway here is. I was in goose form
  2. humanity reach its peak
  3. [Game Update] - 359823

    Is the new island the same for everyone?
  4. Difficulty in DST

    I Think darkness already isn't issue at all, we currently have tons of light source: Glowcaps, Winona's Spotlight, Moon Dial, Scaled Furnace etc. The biggest thing is: Darkness is still a big problem for new players in fact they don't know good light sources, because if you reach Late Game you can just set / wait for the Winter's Feast event and farm festive lights in oasis to put in Glowcaps and have infinite light source. Don't Starve can't be more hard to experienced players due to their large knowledge, if something new appear I'm sure they will find a easy way to deal with it and that new "Hard" thing will become more easier than it should be. It always like this. every mob, mechanic etc someone find a easy way to counter, every time.
  5. Difficulty in DST

    good to know then
  6. Difficulty in DST

    For Glowcap and Mushlights I think the light source inside them should last a bit longer than normal
  7. Add Bottomless pit pls kappa
  8. can we please have the same screen of wardrobe for friendly scarecrow?
  9. Potato Soup don't exist It was a mistake wrote by me when I sent to glermz and he sent to DS/T Discord.
  10. [Game Update] - 345820

    Thank you for the minimap fixes. they are really good!
  11. Idk if it's a bug but, telebase is under the rug.