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  1. Trade Offer Link: (Don't need to add me as a friend to trade) Skins Available to trade: Maxwell Untriumphant Willow Triumphant Austere Endtable Don't Starve Together Gift (Full Game)
  2. Trade Offer Link: (Don't need to add me as a friend to trade) ((ONLY HEAD))
  3. Wendy New Skin i guess

    The New update fixed it. but also thanks.
  4. There are nice tidy bases around here
  5. Icebox skin. please or Pandora Skin for Chest (Pandora Chest is the chest of ruins)
  6. I'm doing a mod that predicts when the hounds attack and depth worms will be, but my knowledge about programming .lua is a little weak, I want help to know how to make the widget icon change when I enter the caves. i'm leaving the mod file, for anyone can help with this. Note: The Original mod is for Don't Starve Single-Player By Aire Ayquaza. I just ported it to DS Together. Hound Predictor.rar
  7. I've updated the mod, he don't have light.
  8. This mod brings back the old version of bosses from Winter's Feast Event! Allow Seasonal Bosses (Bearger, Deerclops, Goose and Dragonfly) have the Yule skin from Winter's Feast event without the event! More info on Workshop mod page. Client Version: (No Deerclops Laser Attack) Server Version: (Deerclops With Laser Attack)
  9. Your most fun experience

    Get killed by a Bunnyman wearing a Thulecite Crown
  10. oh its mine k
  11. Farming Thulecite

    Yes, he can't pull out the key