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  1. That sounds amazing. I always wanted some mechanic like that, as well in caves too... pheraps a Hydra Depth Worm or a Gorilla :P
  2. @ScottHansen I was moving the nests for my base to decorate it lmao
  3. I really have doubts about this whole thing, It seems like a Ragnarok with Don't Starve skin for me, but let's see what happens...
  4. Are we going to get Ancient Guardian statue as well? just wondering...
  5. Isn't the "raknet detected a missing replica" something relationed to things put before the "TheWorld.ismastersim" ? like some prefab component or other stuff... correct me if I'm wrong.
  6. I did a video killing it in my old world from RoT: Turn of Tides
  7. Klei is such a nice company, they deserve more than a thank you, but yes. #thankyoukleientertainment
  8. Tried starting a new world and at loading screen game crashed.
  9. So the Elixirs are not bugged ? and thanks for the fix.