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  1. yeah im having the same problem. i block of an area i dont want them to go to for a while and dupes wil just sit there waiting for the door to open.
  2. when building a wall and a block has to be mined first they will build the wall over the resource and it will be lost. when deconstructing wires or pipes that are inside walls or floors, the resource will spawn inside the block and get deleted.
  3. The Rotation for the pipe bridges(both water and gas) are not working. also the gas and liquid pumps also dont rotate. Nevermind for some reason i tought it said Q, But it said O instead.(maybe add it to Controls window in the menu??)
  4. what happend was he was proberbly down there digging and one of the others build the floor ontop of him. i have had it happen 3 times already.
  5. did you connect the output for taking out the dirty water?(and it has somewhere to go) also they will prob just use wathever option is closer.