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  1. Sorry if this is a bit late,but if I choose to get "Don"t Starve Togheter" as the free gift,will I get only one copy or will I get the extra free copy that I can send to a friend that I get when purchasing the game normally?
  2. So,after a few months of not playing Oxygen Not Included(because of school and also because I was waiting for some issues to be fixed),I wanted to start playing the game again,so I deleted a few save files.After deleting them though,the "Load Game"menu could still be accesed after exiting it (the "Load Game" menu,not the game),and invisible nonexistent files could still be deleted,deleting them causing the game to crash.I tried this multiple times and I the game crashed every time.
  3. *Update I tried to start a new game,and everything was fine,the world was generating,and when the message telling you that the game has loaded popped up,instead of taking me to the screen where i choose my dupes,the game crashed,and the save file was not saved(since the process of creating that world wasn't entirely completed)
  4. 1.My output_log.txt was taken from a time after I force quit the game(because the game was about to crash); 2.I'm sorry,I deleted the save file a few days ago(since it was one of my old save files); 3.I close all programs that were constantly running(a.k.a Skype and Google) but the issue persisted. Also,after posting this post,I tried to start a new game,and whan I pressed "Embark",the screen went black as usual,but this time the game wouldnt load.I waited for a few minutes to see if it only took a longer time,byut this was much longer then the game usually takes to start a new game on my computer(which is normally a few seconds).This is rare(atleast for me it is rare) though,since I have encountered this issue only once.
  5. I know I kind of adressed these issues already in an earlier post of mine,but this will be a more in-depth analysis of these problems. I bought this game a few days ago and I was excited to play it,but to my utter dismay,I encountered a lot of freezes/crashes,making the game barely playable(which is a damn shame,because this game has the potential to be one of best games in it's genre). The crashes that I've encountered so far on my 96 minutes of playtime(according to Steam) are: -a rare crash that happened the first time I pressed the "Gameplay" settings; -when loading up an old save file,the game has a chance of freezing and/or crashing; -After opening the game up and entering a save file/starting a new game,the first time i press the "Esc" key, the game freezes and/or crashes; -At random times,when I press "Space" the game freezes and/or crashes; - One time,I pressed "Exit"to close the game,and the game crashed. Is there any way that I can fix this(since I know that many people who play the game don't encounter these freezes/crashes this often. Also,for your convinience,Here is my "DxDiag" and "Output Log": DxDiag.txt output_log.txt I also have no save file and I have the C++ Redisputable for Visual Studio 2015(which I will try to uninstall and reinstall),and I have verified my game's cache integrity.
  6. *Update You can also do this glitch if 2 characters mine the same block that they stay on(or only one of them,but 2 or more need to stay on the same block)
  7. Oh,and also each time I load up the game and press the "Esc" key for the first time,the game freezes and/or crashes.
  8. I've been played Oxygen Not Included for a few hours now and I've encountered some issues during this time(mainly crashes or freezes that happen sometimes after I pause the game or press the "Esc" key,or sometimes when i start a new game and press "Embark" the game takes a longer time to load than usual.I've also encountered a rare crash when I pressed the gameplay settings ind the options menu).But the main bug/glitch I've found is what I call "The Invisible Block"glitch (Really uncreative name,I know).