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  1. Sleeping interrupted is stuck

    In my case it was to use the toilets, and yeah, same, exactly once a day, at the same time, just before end of night... But what I'm describing here is different - even without being interrupted, when sleeping, it still kept the sleeping interrupted status.
  2. Duplicant keeps gaining stress due to sleeping interrupted - even while he's sleeping! See screenshot. Reloading fixes the issue.
  3. Duplicant has the "sleeping interrupted" and gains stress, but after sleeping it doesn't disappear. Save, quit and load fixes this. Also, they seem to interrupt sleep for just about anything, and then stuck with this for the entire day. We have no control over it.
  4. Not using lavatory

    Lavatory seems to be "stuck" or something, someone uses it, but then it doesn't become available again even though it has water and everything. It says lavatory in use, but there's no one there. Also, sometimes it just doesn't show any status (ie ready, in use, etc) and duplicants won't use it, they will just make a mess.
  5. Gas Filter not pulling filtered gas

    Same issue, selecting Oxygen to pump out to other rooms, but it actually extracts only the Hydrogen, and vice versa.