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  1. Or maybe the really bad characters like Willow, Winona and Woody will be made useful and everyone will be strong? Why would they nerf the good characters and make them less fun and useful? That sounds like a horrible idea for this kind of game.
  2. I am ready to buy some characters. Awesome news - every part of it! Finally those fairly useless events are over and we get actual content. I hope to every god out there that they finally give Wigfird the x1.5 damage multiplier she deserves! She is already amazing but can't ever go wrong with a bit more amazing.
  3. Anything new in 2019? This mod idea looked amazing...
  4. Like woodlegs and wilbur for SW and webber for RoG. Some character that you will have to do something ingame and maybe he can have some really strong perks (unlike the 2 characters so far). For hamlet that is ?
  5. Sure - this may be the case but it is a bug. It is not how they are intended to work. As long as they give the respawn time after a follower is killed - I would be ok with everything else. But smouldering will still be very beneficial to single player. I hope they add it anyway.
  6. Unlike coffee fire farms are based an a bug in the game. Pig or Bunny houses have a respawn timer when an inhabitant is killed. For some reason if the house is on fire - this doesn't trigger. I wouldn't mind them at all if you could only kill 1 pig per 3 days or 1 bunny per 1 day. Why can you spawn them without any wait time forever? Finding gears does not need ruins - floaty boaty knights are absurdly easy to kill. Ice can be gotten by literally standing in your base and collecting hail. Fertilizing and cooking coffee takes time and effort for only a speed bonus and it never goes away. Just like fish farms give you food but you have to WAIT. Fire farms remove the wait which makes them overpowered and a blatant exploit.
  7. Coffee unlike fire farms requires a LOT of work to do and yields very little. You have to WAIT for each coffee plant to regrow, fertilize it after EVERY harvest, cook the beans (which takes time and effort), then WAIT for the crock pot to finish cooking. What do fire farms need? Build them once for 1 day and basically free resources forever with 0 effort. What do you get as a reward from coffee? Speed. Ok that is good. What do you get from fire farms with ZERO effort? Food, healing (you can convert meat into eggs and eat bacon and eggs), weapons, armor and resources to build infinite followers. Remember - with ZERO effort. Coffee is strong, fire farms are beyond OP. They are an exploit and should be removed.
  8. The game will be MORE enjoyable if an exploit (fire farms) is fixed through smoldering. It should absolutely be added with the QoL Update. Let's hope it gets added. I am reading what you are saying - you are not reading what I am saying. Can you give me an example of something else so unbelievably overpowered that trivializes such a big part of the game and requires next to no setup and 0 maintenance and effort?
  9. No other method of gathering items in the ENTIRE game (+RoG and SW) can even compared to a hundredth of what fire farms can do. They take almost nothing to set up and require no maintenance, no waiting, no surviving. They are a pure exploit and if you use them you might as well give yourself items with the console. There is absolutely no difference between the two. You are supposed to gather food and many other resources in this game from day 1 to infinity.
  10. Fire farms are a curse that make the game way too easy and make absolutely no sense. They are a 100% exploit and should be made impossible. Let's hope Klei understands that and gives us smouldering in single player as well.
  11. 1. The BEST thing is that fire farms would be impossible to make. They make 0 sense and are an exploit that should not be possible. 2. Burning a large amount of what things? You can burn a stack of 40 items and get 40 ash immedately. If you want to burn a lot of trees - just burn them and go do something else. You don't need to watch them. 3. You can prevent your base from totally getting desintegrated if u make a small mistake. Is there any REAL advantage to not have smouldering?
  12. Why? Smouldering would make the game a LOT better. I really hope they add it!
  13. I would like to see smouldering brought from DST. Fire farms are for noobs anyway and are a glitchy cheat - so smouldering would end them. That would be a nice change.
  14. What is the point of Mandrakes?

    I definitely agree with this: "Useful, therefor never used". Even when I have 7 pan flutes I still never dare to use even 1/10 of one because they are so unbelievably rare. Making them renewable would be pretty amazing tbh. Much like any other resource.
  15. Maybe gates and fences are one of those things u want to bring us ?