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  1. Yes, I do, is it some problem with it ?
  2. There is a very strange issue that keeps happening to me - the dragonfly I can start attacking her from afar, but when she goes to summon her lavae and comes back my hero just keeps bumping into her, even though I am pressing F or Ctrl+F, very annoying problem, I say a forum post from some time ago about the same problem but didn't see a solution, any ideas?
  3. I really hope this is not the last update with content and stuff for DST ... new games like ONI and hot lava are cool and all but none of them are or will be don't starve. Please keep updating the game even after a new reign is out. I am incredibly sad that single player DS is abandoned but at least keep adding to DST. I am sure many other people want to keep playing too! Cheers!